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[V7] ISSUE: Backup data on Single Storage Destination is not restorable after converting destination into part of a Destination Pool

Article ID: 5143
Reviewed: 2016-02-07

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: Pre-
OS: All platforms

ATTENTION 1st January, 2022: v7 officially End-of-Life [details]

Problem Description

Data became unrestorable, if the single storage destination (containing the backup data), was converted into part of a Destination Pool via the AhsayCBS console:

When performing a restore, the following error message is received in the Restore Job Log:

[YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss] [info] error processing stream: last block incomplete in decryption
[YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss] [info] [CloudFileSystem.getInputStream] Failed to obtain inputstream for '[BackupFile][ClientPath=directory\path...]

This issue will not affect single storage destination that was converted via the AhsayOBM / ACB client interface. This issue will also not affect Predefined Destination.


This is a known issue with AhsayCBS version pre-


Data on the converted destination (converted with AhsayCBS version pre- are no longer recoverable.

To prevent this issue from occurring again in the future, patch the AhsayCBS server application to version or above. The instructions can be found by Clicking Here.


restore, fail, unrestorable, un-restorable, pool, destination, convert, conversion

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