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Perpetual License (Purchase Model)


Ahsay Backup Software consists of 3 core applications, i.e. AhsayCBS, AhsayOBM and AhsayACB. AhsayCBS also has 2 optional add-on modules, the Replication Module and Redirection Module, that can be used in conjunction with AhsayCBS application. AhsayOBM also has various add-on modules that can be used in conjunction with AhsayOBM.

In order to get the software work properly after a 60 days trial period, a License Key is required to be paid and entered into the AhsayCBS.

The purchase model entitles you to own and run Ahsay Backup Software, including AhsayCBS, AhsayOBM and AhsayACB applications perpetually. It is designed to provide the flexibility to create your own package that perfectly matches your backup requirement. You can mix-and-match the software and modules in any quantities.

The price of a paid AhsayCBS License Key depends on the number of AhsayCBS, AhsayCBS Replication Module, AhsayCBS Redirection Module, AhsayOBM / AhsayACB client backup applications, VMware module for AhsayOBM, Hyper-V module for AhsayOBM, MS Exchange Mailbox module for AhsayOBM, NAS module for AhsayOBM, and AhsayUBS firmware that need to be enabled. There is no limitation on the number of each software or module that can be enabled into a License Key.

Included Modules / Features

  • AhsayOBM includes free File, Microsoft Exchange Server Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, Windows System, Windows Systems State backup modules. The pricing unit is per device to backup.
  • AhsayACB includes free File and Windows System backup modules. The pricing unit is per device to backup.
  • AhsayCBS includes free Centralized Management Software with System Panel, User Management, Group Policy, Backup Server modules included. The pricing unit is per running instance.


  • First year of Software Maintenance is included with the purchase, so that customer can enjoy our Standard Support service and unlimited software upgrades during the first year. After the first year, if maintenance renewal fee is paid, the customer can still be eligible to get Standard Support and unlimited software upgrades.

Pricing Unit

  • The pricing unit of VMware Guest VM and Hyper-V Guest VM backup module is per Guest VM to backup.
  • The pricing unit of MS Exchange Individual Mailbox Module is per individual mailbox of MS Exchange Server to backup.
  • The pricing unit of NAS Module is per AhsayOBM account that needs to back up NAS device.
  • The pricing unit of AhsayCBS Replication Server module is per device to be replicated.
  • The pricing unit of AhsayCBS Redirection Server module is per device to be redirected.
  • The pricing unit of AhsayUBS is per installation.

Stock Policy

We encourage our customers to purchase licenses in bulks so that they can enjoy a better volume purchase discount with better unit rate. You may have concerns as you may not use all purchased CALs at the time of license activation and lose of FREE support maintenance on those unused CALs.

Our stock policy is designed to address this concern. Instead of activating all CALs at the same time, CALs purchased can be put on stock for a maximum of 1 year. And the first year's free software maintenance & upgrade will only start upon licenses activation.

For example, if you purchased 50 CALs of AhsayOBM on April 30, you may choose to activate 30 CALs first and keep 20 CALs on stock. Until April 29 the year after, you can withdraw the 20 CALs on stock at any time and activate them on your existing or new license keys.

You will need to activate all CALs on stock on or before the stock expiration date. Otherwise, the CALs will be cancelled and removed from stock.

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