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Users Management

Through AhsayCBS (logged in as administrator) > Backup / Restore > Users, Groups & Policies > Backup User > Manage Backup User, administrator is able to manage all the users. With the function icons displayed under Manage Backup User, you can perform the following action.

Add new backup user

A new backup user can be created. Following properties can be configured for a backup user:

  • Login name
  • Password
  • User Group
  • Alias
  • Home Directory
  • Subscription Type
  • Suspend At
  • Status
  • Upload Encryption Key (this field is hidden in branded AhsayCBS)
  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Notes
  • Backup Client Type (AhsayOBM / AhsayACB)
  • Add-on Modules
  • Quota
  • Client Host Limit
  • Manage Contact Information

Delete backup user

Remove selected backup users from AhsayCBS.

Auto update client software

Trigger update of client's AhsayOBM / AhsayACB software from AhsayCBS.


Send email message to the contact email addresses of select users. You can choose to send plain text or HTML broadcasting content and include attachment if needed.

Initiate Backup Job

Start backup jobs remotely without the need to access the client machine.

Run Restore Drill

Manually run a restore drill whenever needed to check for data healthiness.

Export users' usage statistic to CSV

Export usage statistic of selected users to a CSV file which you can import/concert to other tools such as Excel or database for further purpose.

Move / Import / Export Users

Export selected users to a file, import selected users from a file, and export user’s home directory to another user home.

You may use this function to migrate a user from an AhsayCBS to another AhsayCBS, migrate a user from the user home to another user home on the same machine. This function is limited to system user with admin role.

  • Move user home to – Export user from a user home to another user home.
  • (v7 users) Import users to – Import a previous exported user zip file into the user home.
  • (v6 users) Import users from previous versions – Import a v6 user profile from user home. (Move v6 user folder into v7 user home then enter the page, do not required restart services, will skip empty named user / existing users in CBS for selection)
  • Export users to file – Export user profile and backup files to a zip file format.
**Note** : 
Please schedule a time with your users when you need to migrate their user home to another user home/AhsayCBS. It is better to suspend the user, stop any running backup, and close the client interface before you perform the user export.

Since the move of a user from a user home to another user home would export the whole user profile and the backup data from a user to another user home. When moving a user account with large backup sets, it is expected to wait for a long period of time. So, it is suggested to perform 1 user export at a time, and during the export, please do not restart service or server. In case of power failure or server shutdown, the move user’s process would fail.

Rebuild storage statistics

Rebuild the storage statistics of selected users, applicable only for v6 Backup Sets. This function is not applicable for v7+ Backup Sets and will do nothing if used.

Rescan all user home directories

The feature ensures the status of all user home is updated so that the backup sets under available user home should be shown in the selecting list for Admin user account to exclude while the backup sets under unavailable user home should not be listed during backup data migration. And also if the user home is offline, the backup and restore job cannot be run properly, so the feature helps confirm the status of the user home before starting a backup and restore job.

Enable / Disable Two-Factor Authentication

Enable or disable the two-factor authentication of backup users.


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