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Email Reports

When SMTP settings are properly configured, AhsayCBS is able to send email reports.

SMTP Settings

SMTP settings can be configured in AhsayCBS > System Settings > Basic > Email. You can configure your SMTP Server, Administrator Contact, and Report Settings there.

Using Google's SMTP Server

Besides your own SMTP Server, you can use Google's SMTP Server for sending email reports.

Firstly, configure the settings in your Google Account with the following steps:

  1. Allow less secure apps here:

Then, enter these settings into AhsayCBS:

  • Host:
  • Port: 587
  • Login name: Your google account (e.g.
  • Password: Your google password
Authentication may fail for the first time due to Google blocking unknown IP. If this happens, check your mailbox for the Security Alert email, click "Review Activity" and "Yes" under "Were you recently prevented from signing in to your Google Account?".

Notice: [V9] FAQ: Using Gmail as SMTP setting?

Report Types

AhsayCBS is able to send email reports to:

  • Backup Users
  • System Users

Backup Users

Below are the report options that administrator can configure for sending to backup users:

  • Backup Report
  • Restore Report
  • Restore Drill Report
  • Missed scheduled backup reminder
  • User settings changed alert
  • Backup Quota Reminder / Alert (Send backup quota reminder to user if the backup quota is over centain percentage)
  • Trial User Reminder / Alert (Send trial user reminder to user if the reminding day(s) is less than centain percentage)
  • Welcome email
  • Daily User Report
  • Email me inactive backup report when my backup set hasn't run for this number of days (%0-99%)

System User

After adding an administrator contact in AhsayCBS > System Settings > Basic > Email > Administrator Contact, the added administrator contact can receive.

  • Consolidate Report sent to System User
  • Low Disk Space Reminder / Alert Report
  • Low Destination Space Reminder / Alert Report

For each administrator contact:

  • if the Bcc checkbox IS NOT ticked, other emails originally designed to send to backup user (e.g. welcome email) WILL NOT be Bcc to the administrator email
  • if the Bcc checkbox IS ticked, other emails originally designed to send to backup user WILL be Bcc to the administrator email

Where to configure policy of email reports to users

Administrator can configure email reports to all or a specific group users in AhsayCBS > Policy Group > User Settings.

Where to find email errors

Errors related to emails can be checked in:

  • Monitoring > Dashboard
  • Monitoring > Backup / Restore Logs > Activities Log (can filter by “Email Report Error”)
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