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Software Architecture

The whole solution is with server-client architecture. The server-side centralized management console (AhsayCBS) can be installed either on your own backup server hosted in your datacenter, or on cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure. Users’ backup data can either be hosted on your own backup server, or on cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, etc.

Server side

  1. AhsayCBS is the core application for managing all backup users. It can also be used for hosting all the backup data, and for managing cloud backup destinations that are being used for hosting backup data.
  2. AhsayCBS Replication Module is for replicating data from a primary AhsayCBS to another AhsayCBS machine, FTP / SFTP server, or cloud storage for redundancy.
  3. AhsayCBS Redirection Module is for creating a high availability backup system with multiple AhsayCBS servers.

Client side

  1. AhsayOBM is the client backup agent for backing up servers, databases, and VMs, cloud data and Office 365 as administrator.
  2. AhsayACB is the client backup agent for backing up files on desktops, laptops, cloud storage, as well as Office 365 as individual user.
  3. AhsayOBM has 2 editions for running on Synology and QNAP NAS devices.
  4. AhsayMOB is the agent for backing up iOS and Android mobile devices.
  5. AhsayOBR is a special agent for restoring data on different computers.

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