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Last modified: 2023/06/20

AhsayACB is the agent for backing up files on desktops and laptops, cloud files, as well as Microsoft 365 as individual user.

System Architecture

Below is the system architecture diagram illustrating the major elements involved in the backup process among the backup machine, AhsayACB and AhsayCBS.



Hardware Requirements

For details of the minimum and recommended requirements for installing AhsayACB, refer to: Ahsay Hardware Requirement List (HRL)

Software Requirements

For the list of compatible operating systems, refer to: Ahsay Software Compatibility List (SCL)

For the list of compatible operating system for OpenDirect, refer to: Ahsay Software Compatibility List (SCL) for Granular and OpenDirect Restore

Antivirus Exclusion Requirement

To optimize performance of AhsayACB on Windows, and to avoid conflict with your antivirus software, refer to this list of processes and directory paths that should be added to all antivirus software white-list / exclusion list.


The bJW.exe process is automatically added to Windows Defender exclusion list for Windows 10, during installation / upgrade via installer or upgrade via AUA.

Mac OS X

These are the limitations to AhsayOBM running on Mac OS X:

Installation on Root Drive

AhsayACB must be installed on the root drive of a volume (e.g. /Applications/…).

Resource Fork Files

Resource fork files cannot be restored with AhsayACB installation on Mac OS X 10.8 above.

Case-Insensitive File System

For volume with a case-insensitive file system, target file of a symbolic link will be backed up twice (in both upper case and in lower case), hence, doubling the backup quota storage requirement.


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