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Meter License (Pay-As-You-Go Model)


Meter is a Pay-As-You-Go model based on usage and setting in your AhsayCBS. Meter is a payment in arrear model as we bill you after collecting your usage. In other words, statement/invoice in the current month reflects usage of the previous month. Since we are essentially extending credit to you, we expect your on-time payment by:

  • Placing a meter deposit;
  • Maintaining a valid credit card on file; or
  • Making sure your payment hit our banks before the “Invoice Expiry Date” on the invoice.

Meter Deposit

Meter deposit is an advance payment for settling your monthly meter license usage fee. We pool this deposit together to settle the monthly meter usage charge for all meter license keys; it is not necessary for each meter key to have its own deposit. Benefits of making advance meter deposit are:

  • Monthly meter license usage fee is settled without any hassles.
  • Reduce bank charges for overseas credit card payment.
  • Avoid license de-activation due to credit card payment failure.

Payment Cycle

The following table is the sequence of events related to our statement issue cycle. We will move the date to the working day ahead if it falls into a weekend or public holiday. Invoice Expiry Date is indicated in your monthly statement.

Day of the Month Your Responsibilities Ahsay Responsibilities
7th Ensure receipt of invoice via email. Verify meter usage is correct. Issue Meter invoice (for previous month usage) via email. Partners with meter deposit will be depleted to settle invoice amount.
8th - 20th Notify Ahsay if there is dispute. Ensure payment hits our bank before the 21st if you do not have remaining meter deposit; or have a valid credit card on file with us Commit to one (1) working-day turnaround on enquiry regarding your meter invoice.
21th Check status of meter payment on the email sent by Ahsay. Contact Ahsay if the status indicates fail, and resolve the issue with Ahsay. Arrange payment for meter invoices by: a). charging your credit card on file, b). matching your payment received by other means, c). Send email notification to you regarding payment status.
25th Take proactive action to ensure payment is made if there is outstanding payment. If you receive this final reminder, you should contact Ahsay immediately to avoid interruption of service. Ahsay will make the best effort to reach you, both via email and phone, if there is outstanding payment. Final reminder will be sent to you if there is still outstanding payment, and license key(s) will be deactivated by our system automatically by the 1st of the following month.
1st (of the following month) No action required if you have settled meter payment. Our system will deactivate your meter licenses key(s) with outstanding payment.

Depletion of Meter Deposit from Your Account

The depletion period of your Initial meter deposit is 18 months, and is 12 months for each subsequent deposit.

Connection to Ahsay License Server

Your AhsayCBS server using a Meter License Key has to be connected to our license server ( at all time in order for us to retrieve your correct license usage. If our license server cannot detect your Meter License usage, you may be charged based on the usage of the previous month. Your Meter License may be deactivated without further notice. In order to reactivate the Meter License key, you will need to settle any outstanding payment on meter usage.

To avoid service interruption and paying the reactivation fee, please perform the followings periodically on your AhsayCBS:

  1. Ensure that you can connect to via a web browser.
  2. Telnet to port 443 of and ensure a connection can be established.


Your meter license will be deactivated if one of the followings happens:

  1. There is outstanding monthly meter payment.
  2. AhsayCBS server is not properly connected to our license server.
  3. Deactivation of meter license may result in:
    • Backup Service interruption
    • Backup quota for all clients reset to “0”
    • Reconfiguration of all clients on the AhsayOBS server

To avoid deactivation of your meter license key, we recommend you to place sufficient meter deposit in your account and ensuring that your AhsayCBS is always connected to our license server.


We understand under certain circumstances, you would like to terminate the meter model and avoid further billing. Please follow the procedure below to ensure we do not bill you further.

  • Reset all license quota to Zero
  • Press “Update”
  • Send us a screenshot of the CBS and confirm you intend to terminate the service.
  • We will reply to you to confirm if there is outstanding payment and assist you to properly shut down the service.
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