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Administrative Access

On daily operation, you may need to assign your operators or administrators to work on your AhsayCBS. You may have programmers to write API for your applications with AhsayCBS. You may also want to hire some resellers so that you can expand your business. You will need to setup different system users with different role/privileges to work on the AhsayCBS.

Types of Access

4 types of Administrative Access accounts can be created.


The Admin role has the same privilege as the built-in system account. For example, you can assign this account for your administrator(s) to configure or administer the AhsayCBS for you. AhsayCBS allow Admin role user account to independently disable or enable Sub Admin user account access right to the branding pages.

Read-only Admin

The Read-only Admin role shares similar accessibility as its creator with Admin role, except with read permission only.


The API role has full access right to the system; it has the same privilege as the built-in system account. This account is created for external application developers who can use this for API login authentication purposes.
In v9.1, Read-Only API role was introduced.

Sub Admin

The Sub Admin role has the full access right to the users that was created under this sub admin and has the right to manage the backup and restore jobs or activities similar as the system administrator with less admin options.

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