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AhsayCBS contains a set of APIs (Application Programming Interface), which allows you to integrate external applications (e.g. billing system or automated registration system) with AhsayCBS. Our APIs use JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) based JavaScript syntax. API can be invoked by using post method. For backward compatible, AhsayCBS version 8 supports some APIs in version 6 (API in XML format). However, for the support of new features in version 8, we recommend programmers to change all existing coding with the use of the new JSON syntax API.

Limitations and recommendations

New features introduced by AhsayCBS version 8 will not be supported by APIs (in XML format) of AhsayOBS version 6 or earlier releases. Please convert your APIs to JSON format in order to use them for AhsayCBS version 8.

To allow a third party program to utilize the API, you are suggested to create an API system user which has permission for API calls to your AhsayCBS. For all APIs outlined in this guide with parameters SysUser and SysPwd, they are the username and password of the Admin system user or API system user.

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