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[V9] FAQ: How to install the latest v9 release for AhsayUBS?

Article ID: 9011
Reviewed: 2022-11-18

Product Version:
AhsayUBS: 9.1 to 9.x


How to install the latest public release for AhsayUBS v9?

As of 2022-November-18, the current Version 9 public release is v9.5.0.0


This document contains the information of how to install the latest release version for AhsayUBS. Upgrading AhsayUBS will also upgrade its integrated AhsayCBS version.

Table of Contents:


  • The CBS configuration, SSL cert, any branding, and other configuration settings of your existing AhsayUBS and AhsayCBS server will be carried over after the upgrade.

    However, if your CBS is branded, the AhsayOBM / ACB client installers will need to be rebuilt before they are updated to the latest release version. Therefore, it is recommend that the auto upgrade (AUA) feature is disabled for all backup users before starting the AhsayUBS upgrade process.

    Refer to the branding Chapter in our AhsayCBS Administrator's Guide for more details on branding.

  • If your UBS is branded but download the new release of AhsayUBS from Ahsay website, your branded UBS will result in taking on the AhsayUBS branding instead of your custom. If you must retain branded UBS, then from a separate CBS server upgraded with the newest release, afterwhich you will perform a [Rebuild Web Console] selecting ISO and/or IMG to build the branded UBS installer. Once built, you will then use this (ISO / IMG) to upgrade your production UBS and retain UBS branding.

  • When upgrading from an older v6 release, for example AhsayUBS version (aka v6.27.0.0), there are licensing and migration details to consider before proceeding with the upgrade, please read through Ahsay Backup Software Upgrade Guide.

How to install the latest stable public release for AhsayUBS:

  1. From AhsayCBS web console, Disable Auto Update Agent (AUA) for all users. This prevents any unintentional client upgrades until you have had chance to do a post-upgrade checkup.

  2. Download the following IMG or ISO file suitable for your environment:

  3. Follow the installation / upgrade instructions in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of the AhsayUBS Administrator's Guide to upgrade the AhsayUBS server.
    (The upgrade procedure is similar to how you initially performed the installation of AhsayUBS on your host.)

  4. Do a post-upgrade check of your AhsayUBS settings and AhsayCBS settings.

  5. If branded OBM/ACB, confirm that branding is correct and no changes are needed. Then, perform [Rebuild Client] for each branded System User.

  6. Enable AUA for users, so they can auto upgrade to latest client version.


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