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[V9] FAQ: How to un-delete backup data moved to Retention, or revert indexes to a healthy state from an earlier successful backup

Article ID: 9205
Reviewed: 2022-01-02

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: 9.1 to 9.x
OS: All platforms


There can be several scenarios where this Article may be used:

  • un-delete backup data moved to Retention
  • revert indexes to a healthy state from an earlier successful backup
  • recent source selection changes inadvertly backup more files than necessary, want to revert to earlier job
  • rollback to an earlier snapshot (job) and discard any newer jobs
  • source drive unattached at time of backup job, data unintentionally moved to Retention

For backup source data that were moved to retention unintentionally; for example, when a removable backup source (e.g. faulty hard drive / USB external drive) or a network drive was disconnected before a backup schedule, the following warning message will be displayed in the job report:
No. Type Timestamp Log
* ... ... ...
* warn YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss Backup source "%backup_source%" does not exist !
* ... ... ...
Since the backup client cannot detect the backup source, all backup data are interpreted as deleted by the backup client, therefore, all backup data are moved to Retention Area.

No. Type Dirs/Files Size Last Modified
1 del \\fileserver1\UserHome\Demo\europeanvacation.txt 400 / 39K (99%) 29/12/2021 09:25
2 del \\fileserver1\UserHome\Demo\caddyshack.txt 400 / 39K (99%) 29/12/2021 09:25
3 del \\fileserver1\UserHome\Demo\iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer.txt 400 / 39K (99%) 29/12/2021 09:25
4 del ... ... ...
If this situation is detected immediately after the occurrence, and before Retention Policy cleanup, then there is possibility to restore that data in Retention, before it is purged.
Refer to the following steps, to be performed on the Destination, to revert the index files (e.g. un-delete the data), so that the backup data will not be re-uploaded again when the backup source drive is reconnected.

The same steps can also be performed to revert the set of indexes to a healthy state (e.g. reverting to previous indexes from a successful backup when there's an index issue with the current set of indexes).

Suggestion: Temporarily disable any backup Schedules for the identified Backup Set, so as not to conflict with the pending changes.


It is strongly recommended to temporarily suspend the backup user to ensure that no backup / restore is performed during the following steps.

Refer to the following steps to un-delete the data / revert to a previous set of indexes:
  1. The backup user should be logged out of the client application, before proceeding.

  2. You as the CBS Admin, from the AhsayCBS web console, obtain the backup set ID of the affected backup set:

    • Under Backup / Restore, select Users, Groups & Policies.

    • Select Backup User, and the corresponding backup user, then Backup Set.

    • Select the affected backup set under Manage Backup Set, the backup set ID is listed under General.

  3. From the backup destination (e.g. AhsayCBS), browse to the blocks folder where the backup data are stored at:


    For example
    For backup destination set to AhsayCBS

    C:\Program Files\AhsayCBS\user\username\1614747242788\blocks

    A separate folder is created for each backup job according to its start time (YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss), under the blocks folder.  All files backed up by that job are stored in that particular folder.

  4. For the snapshot you will revert to, remove job directories after the desired job, starting with the next timestamp directory after the one you want to revert back to, you will select all the subsequent directories and remove it from the user's User Home blocks path. You will not touch previous timestamp directories, if doing so, will corrupt the backup data chain.

    For example
    To revert the backup snapshot to the backup on March 3, 2021 12:59:15, browse to

    C:\Program Files\AhsayCBS\user\username\1614747242788\blocks\2021-03-03-12-59-15

    locate the next directory afterwards

    C:\Program Files\AhsayCBS\user\username\1614747242788\blocks\2021-04-15-11-02-23

    highlight (and all subsequent directories with recent timestamps)

    and remove those directory(s) [either Delete, or Move to an outside directory not within the User Home path].

    You cannot delete only an intermediate (middle) directory, it must be the directory after you want to revert to plus all timestamp directories afterwards, must be removed.

  5. After those selected folders are removed from the blocks directory, you should be left with the timestamp to revert to (plus all previous timestamps in the chain). In this example, the result:

    Once the backup snapshot is reverted, the Restore menu will show backup data up to that snapshot timestamp; which is expected.

  6. Ensure that the issue to the backup source drive (or source selection) is resolved, unsuspend the account and run DIC from the agent, then perform another backup job afterward.


snapshot, undelete, undeleting, revert, disconnect, rollback snapshot

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