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[V9] FAQ: How to recover my users.xml file from a previous backup on AhsayCBS?

Article ID: 9315
Reviewed: 2022-01-18

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: 9.1 to 9.x
OS: All platforms


How can I recover a previous version of my users.xml file from a backup on AhsayCBS:

  • If the current copy of my AhsayCBS users.xml file is corrupted?
  • If I accidentally deleted a backup user account from my AhsayCBS server?
  • If some of my backup user accounts are missing?
A copy of the AhsayCBS user profile, users.xml file is compressed and backed locally to %CBS_INSTALL%/conf/Backup folder automatically at 6:00 AM daily (format: and dr-YYYY-MM-DD_Branding). The dr-YYYY-MM-DD_*.zip files are stored locally on AhsayCBS according to the following cycle which keeps up to a maximum of 24 copies;7 daily copies, 5 copies - Monday of each week, 12 copies - 1st Monday of each Month.

If the Auto Save feature is enabled on AhsayCBS then the file will be uploaded to the Ahsay license server. For details refer to the Auto Save section in Chapter 5 of the AhsayCBS v9 Administrator's Guide

The contains a backup of all system configuration files in the following folders:

  1. %CBS_INSTALL%/conf/
  2. %CBS_INSTALL%/system/obs/policies


To recover the users.xml file, you need to extract the users.xml from a previous backup and copy it back to your %CBS_INSTALL%/conf folder.

  • For AhsayCBS installation on Windows platform, you can use the 7-Zip utility to extract the users.xml from the backup file

  • For AhsayCBS installation on Linux / Unix platform, you can use the gunzip utility to extract the users.xml from the backup file

  1. Stop your AhsayCBS service.
  2. Go to the %CBS_INSTALL%/conf/Backup folder and extract the users.xml file from the backup file .
  3. Copy the users.xml file back to the %CBS_INSTALL%/conf folder.
  4. Start your AhsayCBS service.
  5. Login to AhsayCBS web management console using system account.
  6. Got to [Backup / Restore]>[Users, Groups, & Policies]>[Backup User] to list your backup user accounts.


Users, profile, recover, users.xml

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