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[V8] FAQ: How to perform a restore from backup data copied from CBS / mapped drive / removable drive backup storage?

Article ID: 8053
Reviewed: 2019-06-25

Product Version:
AhsayCBS / AhsayACB / AhsayOBM: 8.x
OS: Windows


This article outlines the steps to restore data for backup set with backup destination set to CBS / mapped drive / removable drive.

This is useful when the original client computer (that the data was originally backed up from) is destroyed or lost.


Refer to the following steps for details:

1. First, copy the backed up data from the backup destination to the client computer.

  • For backup destination to AhsayCBS:

    • Copy the entire backup set ID folder of the account within the User Home to the client computer:


    For example, copy the following folder within the User Home of account 'username' at:

    E:\User Home\username\1234567890123

    To the client computer at:

    F:\Copy Destination\1234567890123

  • For backup destination to mapped drive / removable drive:

    • Transfer the removable drive to the client computer, or map the drive to the client computer if possible.

      If the network path is not reachable on the new client computer, copy the entire backup set ID folder of the account within the mapped drive to the client computer:

      %Mapped_Drive%\Backup Destination\%backupset_id%\*

    For example, copy the entire backup set ID folder to the client computer at:

    F:\Copy Destination\1234567890123

2. Next, configure the backup set to perform the restore.

  • Login to the AhsayOBM / ACB client user interface with the original backup account.

  • Select the 'Backup Sets' tile, then the corresponding backup set to be restored:

  • Select 'Destination', then click 'Add':

  • From the 'Destination storage' dropdown menu, select 'Local / Mapped Drive / Removable Drive'.

  • Ensure that the destination type is set to 'Single storage destination', then click on the 'Change' button and point to the 'parent' directory of where you have copied the data to (e.g. parent directory of the backup set ID folder):


    For example:

    F:\Copy Destination

  • Press 'OK', then 'Save' to save the setting changes.

3. Perform the restoration.

  • In the client user interface, select the 'Restore' tile:

  • Select the corresponding backup set:

  • Select the destination created in the previous step:

  • Continue by clicking on the 'Next' button to select the files to be restore, the restore destination and the temporary folder to be used for the restore process.

  • Press the 'Restore' button to start the restore job.

It is strongly recommended that all backup sets are configured to backup to multiple backup destinations, to provide user with data redundancy and backup / restore flexibility.


restore, decrypt, local, cloud, obs

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