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[V8] FAQ: How to create a file backup set with AhsayOBM or AhsayACB?

Article ID: 8046
Reviewed: 2019-04-17

Product Version:
AhsayACB / AhsayOBM: 8.1 to 8.x
OS: Windows / Mac OS X


This article outlines the steps to create a file backup set in the AhsayOBM / ACB user interface.


Refer to the following steps for details:

  1. Login to the AhsayOBM / ACB client user interface.

  2. Select the Backup Sets tile, and the Add button.

  3. Select File Backup backup set type, then enter the backup set name:

  4. Configure the backup source of the backup set, select the data that you would like to backup:

  5. Click I would like to choose the files to backup to open the Advanced Backup Source menu. Click Show files to show files under folder for individual file selection:

  6. Click OK afterward.

  7. Click Add new storage destination / destination pool to add the cloud storage destination.

    It is strongly recommended that all backup sets are configured to backup to multiple backup destinations, to provide user with data redundancy and backup / restore flexibility.

    For more details on Backup Destination, you can refer to the following KB article: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Backup Destination

  8. Continue by configuring a backup schedule and encryption setting for the backup set.

  9. Click the Backup now button to start the initial backup job, or allow the job to start at its scheduled time:

It is important to perform restore test to ensure your backup is setup and performed properly. Performing restore test can also help identify potential issues or gaps in your recovery plan.


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