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[V8] FAQ: How to perform backup to a local destination then import the data to a cloud storage destination?

Article ID: 8021
Reviewed: 2021-06-17

Product Version::
Ahsay Software: 8.1 to 8.x
OS: Windows


This article outlines the steps to perform a backup to a local backup destination and to import the data onto a cloud storage destination.


Refer to the following steps for details:

1. First, configure the backup set to perform the initial backup to a local destination.

  • Login to the AhsayOBM / ACB client user interface.

  • Select the Backup Sets tile, then the corresponding backup set:

  • Create a backup set by clicking the Add icon.

  • Select the Backup set type, then enter a Name for your backup set.

  • Continue to create the backup set as you would.

  • In the Destination menu, click the + icon next to Add new storage destination / destination pool:

  • From the Destination storage dropdown menu, select Local / Mapped Drive / Removable Drive.

  • Ensure that the destination type is set to Single storage destination, then click on the Change button to change the local destination path:

  • Press OK, then Next, and continue on with the backup set creation.

2. Next, perform the initial backup to the local destination.

  • In the client user interface, select the Backup tile:

  • Select the corresponding backup set for backup:

  • Click on the Show advanced option button, ensure that the In-File Delta type is set to Full.

  • Under Destination, deselect all destinations except for the newly created local destination (if there is any):

  • Click Backup to start the initial backup.

3. Configure the corresponding backup set with the additional backup destination of your choice.

Important: Ensure that no backup job is performed while the data are being synchronized to the cloud storage (following this step).

  • In the client user interface, select the Backup Sets tile:

  • Select Destination, then click Add.

  • From the Destination storage dropdown menu, select the corresponding cloud storage service, in this example Dropbox:

  • Click on the Test button, where AhsayOBM / ACB will now request for authorization to access the cloud storage:

  • A browser window will open, login to the cloud storage service (if necessary).

  • Click Allow to allow AhsayOBM / ACB to access the storage:

  • Copy and paste the authorization code to the authorization code textbox within the backup client application.

    The steps for adding destination for other cloud storage services (e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) are very similar (e.g. authorizing access the cloud storage with similar steps).

  • Press OK, then OK again.

  • Click Save to save the settings:

4. Synchronize the data from the local destination to the cloud storage destination.

  • For example purposes in this article, steps to synchronize the data to DropBox is shown:

    The steps required to synchronize data from the local destination to the cloud storage destination maybe different depending on the storage provider.

    Ensure that the DropBox application is running on the client computer:

  • Copy the data from the local backup destination to the Dropbox folder at:




  • For other cloud storage provider such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, synchronize the data from the local backup destination at:




  • Wait for the copied data to synchronized to the cloud storage.

5. The import procedure is completed.

You can remove the local destination of the backup set created previously.

Important: It is strongly recommended that all backup sets are configured to backup to multiple backup destinations, to provide user with data redundancy and backup / restore flexibility.

6. Manual / Schedule backup can resume afterward.


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