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FAQ: How do I start or initiate a backup job on my AhsayOBM/AhsayACB clients directly from the AhsayCBS server

Article ID : 5241
Reviewed : 04/05/2017

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: or above
OS: All platforms


This article contains information on how to initiate a backup job on a AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client directly from a AhsayCBS Server.

AhsayCBS system administrators can initiate a backup job on a AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client machine remotely from the AhsayCBS web management console. When a backup job is initiated from AhsayCBS web management console it will take around 10 minutes for the AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client to receive the remote command and start the backup job, the progress and status of the backup job can be monitored under [Monitoring]>[Live Activities]>[Backup Status].


  1. The machine installed with AhsayOBM/AhsayACB is powered on and is connected to the internet.
  2. The AhsayOBM/AhsayACB scheduler service on the client machine is running and is able to connect to the AhsayCBS server.
  3. The AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client is connecting to AhsayCBS server using the latest login credentials.


To start or initiate a backup job on a AhsayOBM/AhsayACB client machine, refer to the following steps:

  1. Login to the AhsayCBS web console.
  2. Go to [Backup / Restore]>[Users, Groups, & Policies]>[Backup User] and select the user account(s) you wish to initiate a backup job on. Example: backup user account ‘x99’.

    After selecting the user account(s) click on the Run Backup icon.

  3. Select the backup set(s) you want to initiate the backup for. Example: backup set ‘a’.

    After selecting the backup sets, click on the Run Backup icon on the bottom right of the screen.

  4. In the [Backup / Restore]>[Users, Groups, & Policies]>[Backup User] page.

    Click on the save button to confirm the settings.

  5. Go to [Monitoring]>[Live Activities]>[Backup Status] to monitor the status of the backup job(s).


Run Backup, server initiated backup

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