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ISSUE: Connector settings are missing after upgrading AhsayOBS / AhsayCBS to version with executable file (cbs-win.exe)

Article ID: 5156
Reviewed: 13/05/2016

Product Version:
OS: Windows

Problem Description

For AhsayOBS / AhsayCBS server with more than 2 connectors configured, connector settings are missing after upgrading the backup server application to AhsayCBS version

This issue will only affect AhsayOBS / AhsayCBS installation on Windows, for upgrade performed with the cbs-win.exe executable file.


This is a known issue with the AhsayCBS version upgrade executable file. Only the second last and last connectors in the connect list (within the server.xml configuration file) was migrated during the upgrade process.


This issue has been resolved in AhsayCBS version or above. Please use the latest AhsayCBS installer to perform the upgrade, you can obtain the latest installer from our website at

If the upgrade was performed already, login to the AhsayCBS console to re-configure the connector settings:

  1. Select Basic under System Settings

  2. Recreate the missing connectors under the Connectors section of the setting menu.


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