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FAQ: How to recover AhsayCBS system account password?

This article only applies to Ahsay software version 7

Article ID : 5122
Reviewed : 27/03/2019

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: All
OS: All platforms


This document contains information on how to recover the AhsayCBS system account password.


The AhsayCBS system account password is not recoverable. You can login the AhsayCBS web console by temporarily changing the system account password to "system", then modify the password again (to a password of your choice) in the AhsayCBS web console afterward.

To modify the system password, amend the "cbs.json" file located in:


Value of ${Install-Home} for various operating system:

  • (Windows) C:\Program Files\AhsayCBS
  • (Linux) /usr/local/cbs
  • (AhsayUBS) /ubs/mnt/eslsfw/obsr/conf
  1. Open "cbs.json" with a text editor such as Notepad++.

  2. Search for the exact phrase "Type":"ADMIN" (or search for ADMIN with matching case)

    ... "MobileQuota":-1, "Type":"ADMIN" ,"MsMailQuota":-1,"Pwd":"%hashed_password_entries%"...
    Note: DO NOT search for the phrase %hashed_password_entries%, it is an example only, you will not see the same phrase on your server's cbs.json file.

    Also, the ordering of the admin account parameters may be different on your AhsayCBS versions.

  3. Edit the "Pwd" entry by replacing

    "Pwd":"%hashed_password_entries%" with


    Similar to the example as follows:

    ... "MobileQuota":-1,"Type":"ADMIN","MsMailQuota":-1, "Pwd":"u8XmYeEGxtzY3G3RhkVML8ujxxD7TY5xpgyT6vB38HM=" ...
    Note: Using a JSONViewer Notepad++ plugin, you can confirm if you have correctly edited the "cbs.json" file.

    For the object with:

    Name : system
    Type : ADMIN

    Confirm on the "Pwd" field:

  4. Restart the AhsayCBS service afterward.

  5. Login to the AhsayCBS web console with username "system" and password "system":

  6. Edit the password by selecting Basic under System Settings:

  7. Under Administrative Access, Select the system account, Profile, edit the password:


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