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ISSUE: Access denied (cannot login to the AhsayCBS console via the host name)

Article ID: 5115
Reviewed: 07/10/2020

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: -
OS: All platforms

Problem Description

Cannot login to the AhsayCBS console via the host name (e.g. The following error message is displayed when logging in:

Access denied

However, logging in via the IP address works correctly.


This issue can occur if one of the Sub Admin account shares the same Host Name setting with the main system's Host Name setting.

For example, if "" is used for for the system (System Settings > Basic > General > Host > Host Name):

And "" is used for a Sub Admin account (System Settings > Basic > Administrative Access > Sub Admin > Profile > Host Name):


The Host Name setting of any Sub Admin account cannot be the same as the Admin (e.g. system) account.

To resolve the issue, modify the Host Name setting of the Sub Admin account:

  1. On the AhsayCBS server, login to the AhsayCBS console via the IP address:

  2. Select [System Settings] > [Basic]:

  3. Under [Administrative Access], select the corresponding Sub Admin account.

  4. In the [Profile] tab, modify the [Host Name] setting.


access, denied, login, upgrade, hostname, host, dns

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