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v9.7.2.20 Release Notes (20-Dec-2023)

Ahsay Default SSL Certificate will expire on January 3, 2024. Refer to the Expiration Notice for more details.

Limitation / Known Issue of This Version

Deployment / Upgrade

  • For multi-domain SSL certificates added to CBS before v7.17.0.30, users are required to re-add the SSL certificates to CBS v7.17.0.30 or above, before the certificates can be used on sub-admins accounts.


  • Besides the availability of re-branding option, the license key must have valid maintenance in order to build any v9 branded AhsayCBS/OBM/ACB installer.

This release contains the major features listed below:

Bug Fix

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365

  • CBS - Unable to modify Temporary Directory for Restore (ref: T-38337)
  • OBM - Decrypt Backup Data encountered error “Failed to merge sub-indices into main before decryp” (ref: T-38344)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMWare

  • OBM - Restore gets error “Read chunk data failed… Connection resetrn” (ref: T-38266)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Windows System / System State

  • OBM - Windows System Backup restored incompleted file (ref: T-38353)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MariaDB / MySQL

  • OBM - MariaDB & MySQL Backup size significantly increased (ref: T-38420)

CloudFile & File Backup/Restore

  • OBM - Backup Snapshots missing in Decrypt Backup Data Utility (ref: T-38307)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error “[MigrateV6Index.downloadV6Index] Failed to download v6 index” (ref: T-38308)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error “Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=Could not initialize class” (ref: T-38409)


  • CBS - Correction in Portuguese (Brazil) Translation (ref: T-38382)

Product Abbreviation:

  • AhsayACB - ACB
  • AhsayOBM - OBM
  • AhsayOBR - OBR
  • AhsayCBS - CBS
  • AhsayACB & AhsayOBM - OBC
  • AhsayMobile - MOB
  • (AhsayMobile) Mobile Backup Server - MBS
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