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v9.7.2.0 Release Notes (07-Dec-2023)

Ahsay Default SSL Certificate will expire on January 3, 2024. Refer to the Expiration Notice for more details.

Limitation / Known Issue of This Version

Deployment / Upgrade

  • For multi-domain SSL certificates added to CBS before v7.17.0.30, users are required to re-add the SSL certificates to CBS v7.17.0.30 or above, before the certificates can be used on sub-admins accounts.


  • Besides the availability of re-branding option, the license key must have valid maintenance in order to build any v9 branded AhsayCBS/OBM/ACB installer.

This release contains the major features listed below:


AhsayCBS / AhsayOBM / AhsayACB / AhsayOBR / AhsayMobile


  • MOB - Preserved Original Last Modified Date for Restored Files (ref: T-34319)
  • MOB - Supported listing > 10 2FA Devices on AhsayMobile (ref: T-37496)
  • MOB - Prevent Mobile Devices entering Ambient Mode during Backup (ref: T-37615)
  • MOB - Support for Android 13 (ref: T-37748)
  • MOB - AhsayMobile v1.7.2 for Android (ref: T-37925)
  • MOB - AhsayMobile v1.7.2 for iOS (ref: T-38117)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MariaDB / MySQL

  • OBM - Enhanced MariaDB & MySQL Backup Mechanism - Stream Data directly to Backup Destination (ref: T-37750)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMware

  • OBM - Support for VMware WorkStation 17 (ref: T-37825)

Synology / QNAP OBM

  • OBM - Support for QNAP QTS 5.1.1 (ref: T-37774)
  • OBM - Enhanced QNAP OBM Online Installer (ref: T-38230)


  • CBS - Added “Empty all files in recycle bin” option in Data Integrity Check for Run on Server Backupsets (ref: T-38049)

Operating systems

  • OBC - Support for macOS Sonoma (version 14) (ref: T-38019)


  • CBS - Send alert emails to SubAdmin via Admin SMTP when SubAdmin SMTP fails (ref: T-38158)


  • CBS, OBC - Ahsay Security Patchset Q4/2023 (ref: T-37720, T-38221)

User Experiences

  • OBR - Set AhsayOBR to launch without User Interaction (ref: T-37139)

Bug Fix


  • CBS - response displays an upload size of 0, even files were Backed up (ref: T-37498)
  • CBS - Gets VM/HyperV Socket License Quota Exceed when assign through API (ref: T-37535)
  • CBS - API reponse gets error “Destination not found” (ref: T-37816)
  • CBS - GetUser API response incorrect value for Auto Update Agent (ref: T-37847)

Backup Destination

  • OBM - Backup to BackBlaze Destination gets error “403 forbidden: client is not authorized to read value” (ref: T-37838)
  • OBM - Cannot add FTP destination in OBM. Getting an error “java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-37974)

General / Miscellaneous

  • CBS - SubAdmin URL information under Synology overlaps or gets cropped in Firefox browser on download page (ref: T-37889)
  • CBS - Backupset settings ( when logged in as user not being saved (ref: T-38121)
  • CBS - Unable to modify deduplication block size settings on CBS Web Console (ref: T-38265)
  • OBM - password with accented characters results in login failure (ref: T-37986)


  • CBS - Branding failed with error “A required agreement is missing or has expired.” (ref: T-37800)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Hyper-V

  • OBM - Restored VHD file cannot be mounted on Windows, booting the disk loads repair screen (ref: T-37285)
  • OBM - Backup showed successfully but the backed-up file size is 0 (ref: T-37595)
  • OBM - Restore encountered an error “Cannot decrypt backup file. Decrypting key is incorrect.” (ref: T-37938)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MS Exchange

  • OBM - MS Exchange Server Backup gets stuck after “Start creating Shadow Copy Set” (ref: T-37666)
  • OBM - MS Exchange Server Backup gets error “The database disk image is malformed” (ref: T-38074)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MSSQL

  • OBM - Backup gets error “The database disk image is malformed” (ref: T-37798, T-38099)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365

  • CBS - Data Block Files (.BAK) unexpected size “Size Incorrect (Expected:) (ref: T-37461)
  • CBS - Backup encountered “Connection reset” error (ref: T-37733)
  • CBS - Microsoft365 Outlook Backup gets error “FastPipedOutputStream has been closed by the reading thread. (ref: T-37734)
  • CBS - Backup getting a warn “Reason=[SharePointManager.createService] The identity of the calling application could not be established.” (ref: T-37901)
  • CBS - Backup gets error “FastPipedOutputStream has been closed by the reading thread” (ref: T-37930, T-37931)
  • CBS - Backup gets an error “Failed to merge all sub-indices into main index” (ref: T-38045)
  • CBS - Encountered “No data type has been selected” error when updating backupsets settings (ref: T-38162)
  • CBS - Backupset settings page shows “Protected API setup” prompt (ref: T-38182)
  • CBS - Backup gets error “Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=Failed to open index” (ref: T-38291)
  • OBM - Backup gets error ”[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle same file“… Reason='[FileAttributeIterator.checkLoaded] Failed to load sPath (ref: T-37817)
  • OBM - Backup gets error ”[SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed“ (ref: T-37869)
  • OBM - Backup gets error ”[BackupOffice365Cmd.canPerformBackup] java.lang.NullPointerException“ (ref: T-38174)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “Failed to check integrity of destination … The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed)” (ref: T-38231)

CloudFile & File Backup/Restore

  • OBM - File Backup gets error “The database disk image is malformed” after Temporary Directory out of disk space (ref: T-37746)
  • OBM - File Backup to Backblaze gets error “Target path is a non-empty directory” (ref: T-37778)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error “Index file does not exist in the destination backup job folder” (ref: T-37823)
  • OBM - Failed to restore ”%path%“, reason = Read chunk data failed on '%blocks_path%' Premature EOF (ref: T-37898, T-37953)
  • OBM - Downsized restored files happened after restoring to alternate & local destination using Backblaze backup set (ref: T-38004)
  • OBM - File Backup encountered a warning “Historical Backup Job: %Date%-%Time%” and “Backup skipped” (ref: T-38073)
  • OBM - Recent snapshots not being displayed when restoring in alternate location (ref: T-38149)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error “Index file does not exist in the destination backup job folder” (ref: T-38153)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error “Not in GZIP format” (ref: T-38154)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error ”[CloudFileSystem.createFile] File '%FilePath% exists already as…“ (ref: T-38170)
  • OBM - Decrypt encountered error “Decrypting key is incorrect” (ref: T-38226)
  • OBM - File Backup deleted Music, Pictures and Videos folders after upgrading from v8 (ref: T-38304)
  • OBC - File Backup gets error “” after User interrupted the backup (ref: T-37755)


  • OBM - DIC & PDIC encountered error “Failed to delete sParent=%Path% Reason='has been interrupted” (ref: T-37893)
  • OBM - Restore Drill still getting errors about corrupted chunks after running DIC (ref: T-38060)

Administrative Management

  • CBS - Backup Jobs are not listed in “Monitoring Backup/Restore Log » Backup Jobs” when login using sub-admin (ref: T-37769)
  • CBS - Encountered error when exporting license usage on CBS license page (ref: T-37792)
  • CBS - Duplicate entries on exported CSV license usage (ref: T-37928)


  • CBS - No details were generated in the Backup Logs and Backup Files section of the backup report (ref: T-37768)

Synology / QNAP OBM

  • OBM - SynologyOBM gets permission error when selecting source with Nordic characters, and fail to start scheduled backups (error: “Broken pipe”) (ref: T-37767)
  • OBM - SynologyOBM fail to start scheduled backups (error: “Broken pipe”) (ref: T-37917)

System maintenance

  • CBS - Web Console encountered high CPU & thread usage, cannot load To Dos & userlist and fail to write file (ref: T-37722)
  • CBS - System log keep growing when running out of space for restore drill (ref: T-37984)
  • ACB - ACB crashed during backup (ref: T-36924)
  • OBC - High memory usage when running OneDrive backup (ref: T-37627)


  • CBS - Incorrect Spanish translation in CBS filter settings (ref: T-37962)

Product Abbreviation:

  • AhsayACB - ACB
  • AhsayOBM - OBM
  • AhsayOBR - OBR
  • AhsayCBS - CBS
  • AhsayACB & AhsayOBM - OBC
  • AhsayMobile - MOB
  • (AhsayMobile) Mobile Backup Server - MBS
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