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v9.1.4.0 Release Notes (06-May-2022)

1. We have recently confirmed a critical issue that affecting legacy customer with v7 or v8 Backup Sets, who upgrade to Ahsay v9. Refer to Upgrade Advisory #33940 for more information.

Limitation / Known Issue of This Version

Deployment / Upgrade

  • For multi-domain SSL certificates added to CBS before v7.17.0.30, users are required to re-add the SSL certificates to CBS v7.17.0.30 or above, before the certificates can be used on sub-admins accounts.


  • 1. Besides the availability of re-branding option, the license key must have valid maintenance in order to build any v9 branded AhsayCBS/OBM/ACB installer.
  • 2. Starting in v9.1.4.0, Office 365 modules will be renamed to Microsoft 365.

This release contains the major features listed below:


CloudFile Backup

  • OBC, CBS - Support root folder selection for Cloud File backup set (ref: T-15232)

Application specific Backup - Hyper-V

  • OBM - Support of Hyper-V Server 2022 (ref: T-33872)

General / Miscellaneous

  • OBC - Add Reminder for Backup when last backup is over tolerance period (ref: T-33385)


  • OBC, CBS - Enhanced Index File handling Logic - Index Files archive & generation + Checksum verification (ref: T-34094)

Bug Fix

File Backup

  • OBM - File Backup keeps crashing (ref: T-33787, T-33815)
  • OBM - File Backup “Failed to initiate multipart upload for file” error when uploading index files to Storage destination (ref: T-33794, T-34279)
  • OBM - File Backup encountered error Failed to access destination “xx”. Reason=“[S3CompatibleManager.getAllBuckets] Failed to list all buckets (ref: T-33930)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error=“ [DeltaFileGenerator.emitUnit] [DeltaUnitQueue.offer] timeout happen when operate delta unit” (ref: T-33551)
  • OBM - File Backup encounters “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1024” error when backing up EFS encrypted files (ref: T-33947)
  • OBM - File Backup gets ConcurrentModificationException error (ref: T-34238)
  • OBM - File Backup gets error=org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_FULL] Insertion failed because database is full (database or disk is full) when index file reaches ~100MB (ref: T-34073)

Backup Destination

  • ACB - Backup to Predefined Destination can still run when quota exceeded (ref: T-33902)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “Failed to check integrity of destination ”-xxxxxxxxxxxxx”. Error: “[h] No destination found for destination ID -1”“ (ref: T-33729)
  • OBC - Backup reported the destination is running out of space which is incorrect (ref: T-33658)
  • OBC - Failed to create backup set with SFTP destination (ref: T-34074)
  • CBS - When adding predefined destination (FTP) in CBS, error returned “Failed to initialize FTPClient. Error='{1}'” (ref: T-33912)

Application specific Backup - Microsoft365

  • CBS - No snapshot shown on the Restore GUI when restoring the SharePoint backup (ref: T-33789)
  • CBS - Microsoft365 Backup gets error ”[CloudException.LoginFailedExpt] Failed to login to cloud service with the credentials provided.“ (ref: T-33502)
  • CBS - SharePoint restore has restored files corrupted (ref: T-34004)
  • CBS - Microsoft365 Restore getting empty restore interface (ref: T-33956)
  • CBS - Selected Backup source cannot show on UI properly (ref: T-34124)
  • CBS - Microsoft365 Backup gets error=“ [SharedBlockOutputStream.write] File cannot use SharedBlockOutputStream” (ref: T-34220)
  • CBS - DIC gets error=“Failed to check integrity of destination… Err=[SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed)” (ref: T-34290)
  • CBS - Microsoft365 Backup consumed high memory usage, getting OutOfMemory error or killed by kernel (ref: T-34323)
  • CBS, OBC - Microsoft365 Backup keeps re-uploading data and warn Fail to open '%backupsetID%/blocks/%date%\index.db.xx.yy.zz.cgz'. Error='Not in GZIP format' (ref: T-33949, T-33854)
  • CBS, OBC - Outlook & SharePoint Backup wrongly recognise all files updated (ref: T-33823)

Application specific backup - MS Exchange Mail

  • OBM - Exchange Mail-Level Backup gets error=“ [EwsManager.init.CloudCache.listDirectFromCloud] Unexpected Throwable” (ref: T-33476)
  • OBM - Exchange Mail-Level Backup gets error=“ There is other process using the file .. since the file size has been reduced. RawReadSize=x RawFileSize=y (ref: T-34084)
  • OBM - Exchange DAG Mail-Level Backup gets error=“ There is other process using the file .. since the file size has been reduced (ref: T-34122)
  • OBM - Exchange Mail-Level scheduled Backup gets error=”[CloudBacko.ErrorStream] [MSExMessageExpt] Initialize MAPI instance fail” (ref: T-33927)

Application specific backup - MS Exchange Server

  • OBM - Exchange Server DAG Backup runs much longer time and took much space on v9 (ref: T-33676)
  • OBM - Exchange Server Log Backup encountered “No *.edb found in backup data …” and upload the full file of Database (ref: T-34106)
  • OBM - Exchange Server Backup gets “No *.chk found for database” error (ref: T-34211)
  • OBM - Exchange Server Backup reupload full file of Database after a successful backup (ref: T-34261, T-34308)
  • OBM - Exchange Server DAG Backup gets “Database does not exist ” error (ref: T-34297)

Application specific backup - MSSQL

  • OBM - Fail to restore MSSQL backup with “erro,”Backup file is corrupt (Full File ”%Path%“ not exist) (ref: T-33820)
  • OBM - Restore getting data corrupted error (ref: T-34115, T34128, T34208)

Applicaction specific backup - MySQL

  • OBM - MySQL raw file Restore failed with error [] Path=%Path%\xxx.sql Error= null (ref: T-34003)

Application specific Backup - Hyper-V

  • OBM - Hyper-V Backup to local destination getting Error= The system cannot find the file specified (ref: T-33801)
  • OBM - Hyper-V Backup gets error “ [isRCTEnabled][OpenVirtualDisk] path= “xxx\yy\zz.AVHDX”, Error The system cannot find the file specified” (ref: T-33642)
  • OBM - Hyper-V Backup encountered Error The system cannot find the file specified (ref: T-33850)
  • OBM - Hyper-V Restored VM cannot boot due to restored disks corrupted (ref: T-33538)
  • OBM - Hyper-V Backup encountered error “ Failed to insert File Block” (ref: T-33973)
  • OBM - Hyper-V Failover Cluster Backup gets RCT unsupported warning (ref: T-33974, T-34048, T-34080)
  • OBM - Hyper-V Backup encountered error “java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:” (ref: T-33990)
  • OBM - Hyper-V Backup encountered error “ Failed to insert File Block” (ref: T-34237)
  • OBM - When creating Hyper-V Backupsets, No guest VM shown on Backup Source Selection UI (ref: T-34325)

Application specific Backup - VMWare

  • OBM - VMWare Backup error Failed to list from root/host folder (ref: T-33813)
  • OBM - VMware Backup stuck when counting the deduplication size of backup data. (ref: T-33931)
  • OBM - VMWare Backup gets error “ VDDK delta is broken” (ref: T-33875)
  • OBM - VMWare Backup gets error “Abort due to constraint violation (FOREIGN KEY constraint failed)” (ref: T-34153)
  • OBM - VMWare Backup gets error ”“Backup Failed. Virtual Machine=“Datacenter/VMware vCenter Server Appliance” Reason=Exception caught trying to invoke method.” (ref: T-34098)
  • OBM - VMWare Restore gets error “Throwable=[U] Fail to connect VM disk by VDDK library. Error=Unknown error” (ref: T-34116)


  • OBM - Data Integrity Check stuck at saving results (ref: T-34029)
  • OBM - Retention Area does not clear (ref: T-34061)
  • OBC - Index Files in Temporary Directory does not rotate (ref: T-34288, T-34306)

General / Miscellaneous

  • CBS - New Predefined Destination overwritten an existing Predefined Destination (Destination ID being taken by the new destination) (ref: T-33686)
  • CBS - Restore from Auto Save not bundle branding after CBS upgraded from v8.5, to 9.1 (ref: T-33625)
  • CBS - Removed Storage Destination still shown on Backup User Profile Page (ref: T-34024)
  • CBS - CBS Statistic misaligned with actual Data Usage (ref: T-34163)
  • OBM - Backup encountered error v6 data migration for destination “CBS” of backup set “%Backup_Set% is not completed when running Space Freeing up (ref: T-33653)
  • OBM - Could not deselect the files from Backup Source, gets warning ”[MiniUtil_CloudFile_Backup.listRelatedNext] Warning: skipping duplicate found …“ (ref: T-34022)

Restore / Decrypt

  • OBM - Restore failed with error Data corruption is detected for 'xx\yy\zz.bak'. Reason = Un-expected data block range (ref: T-33895)
  • OBM - System State Restore encountered error “No volume containing a backup was found (ref: T-33874)
  • OBM - Restore gets “The specified path was not found” error when restoring from “ALL Files” option (ref: T-34039, T-34099, T-34058)
  • OBM - Restore gets error “Data corruption is detected for… Reason = Un-expected data block range (ref: T-34247, T-34305)


  • CBS - Replication does not replication files under “CBS\conf” (ref: T-34056)

System Maintenance

  • CBS - CBS consumed high system resources usage and not responding to Update Backup Set operation timely (ref: T-33991)
  • CBS - CBS failed to upload Auto Save - Unknown Error [NullPointerException] null (ref: T-34303)
  • OBM - OBM gets “bad gateway error” when saving backupsets configuration (ref: T-34016)
  • OBM - Application crashes on WinUtil64.dll when backing up large size job (ref: T-34190)
  • CBS, OBC - Refined Deduplication Logics for Appended Files (ref: T-34035, T-34264)

Product Abbrieviation:

  • AhsayACB - ACB
  • AhsayOBM - OBM
  • AhsayCBS - CBS
  • AhsayACB & AhsayOBM - OBC
  • (AhsayMobile) Mobile Backup Server - MBS
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