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v9.7.0.0 Release Notes (04-Sep-2023)

You are recommended to upgrade to this version if the enhancements or the bug fixes listed below are beneficial to you. Otherwise, you may stay with your current version. All users are recommended to test running this release on a testing server before upgrading the production servers.

Limitation / Known Issue of This Version

Deployment / Upgrade

  • For multi-domain SSL certificates added to CBS before v7.17.0.30, users are required to re-add the SSL certificates to CBS v7.17.0.30 or above before the certificates can be used on sub-admins accounts.


  • Besides the availability of re-branding option, the license key must have valid maintenance to build any v9 branded AhsayCBS/OBM/ACB installer.

This release contains the major features listed below:


AhsayCBS / AhsayOBM / AhsayACB / AhsayMobile


  • CBS - Add “Dedupe Saving” Information to APIs “” and “” (ref: T-33563)
  • CBS - Update APIs to support Recycle Bin (ref: T-36030)
  • CBS - APIs to get exact Backup source usage for VMs/M365/Exchange MailLevel Backupsets (ref: T-36865)
  • CBS - Add DestinationID in ListBackupJobStatus when backup status is Missed (ref: T-36498)

Backup Destination

  • CBS, OBC - Enhanced exception handling for Backblaze Destination (ref: T-25218)
  • CBS, OBC - Support for ListObjectsV2 API for S3 Destination (ref: T-36616)
  • CBS, OBC - Prompt to show confirmation of trusting the custom cert of S3 compatible destinations (ref: T-35695)
  • CBS, OBC - Support Immutable Storage mode (WORM) on CBS Destination (ref: T-35849)
  • CBS, OBC - Support Immutable Storage mode (WORM) on S3 Destination (ref: T-37029)
  • CBS, OBC - Support adding existing Azure container as destination (ref: T-37368)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365

  • CBS, OBC - Add Search function in Restore UI for M365 Backupsets (ref: T-36767)
  • CBS, OBC - Merge all Sub-Index Files into One Single index (ref: T-35885)
  • CBS, OBC - Restore Performance Tuning for Document versioning (ref: T-36275)
  • CBS, OBC - Backup Performance Tuning for Sharepoint Sites & Mails (ref: T-36573)
  • CBS, OBC - Restore Performance Tuning for Sharepoint (ref: T-35837)
  • CBS, OBC - Support for M365 Archive Mailbox (ref: T-37145)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MS Exchange Mail

  • OBM - Merge all Sub-Index Files into One Single index (ref: T-35885)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Others

  • OBM - Support for Oracle 19c Standard Edition (ref: T-36680)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMware

  • OBM - Remove SFTP/SSH connection for VMware ESXi / vCenter Backupsets (ref: T-35618)
  • OBM - Support for ESXi Server 8 and vCenter Server 8 (ref: T-36601)

Synology / QNAP OBM

  • OBM - Support for Synology Intel Atom CE Series (Evansport) (ref: T-36851)
  • OBM - Add helper message for granting permission in Synology (ref: T-36545)
  • OBM - Include all Application Binaries for QNAP OBM Installer (Offline Installer) (ref: T-36164)
  • OBM - Support for Synology DSM 7.2 (ref: T-37170)
  • OBM - Support for QNAP QTS 5.1 (ref: T-37452)

File Backup/Restore

  • OBC - Support to restore file where the folder contain duplicated files (ref: T-36900)


  • CBS, OBC - Enhanced mechanism for cleaning up outdated Backupset Index files (ref: T-35475)
  • CBS, OBC - Better handling the checking incomplete metafolder during Data Integrity Check & Periodic Data Integrity Check (ref: T-37191)

Administrative Management

  • CBS - Add Network traffic Diagram in Dashboard (ref: T-35840)
  • CBS - Add “Reset button” for Branding Settings (ref: T-35845)
  • CBS - Add ways to check per-user Recycle Bin statistics (ref: T-35987)
  • CBS - Reset password link using HTTPS by default (ref: T-36556)

General / Miscellaneous

  • CBS - Make Backup Username and Backupset clickable links in Web Console (ref: T-20319)
  • CBS - Add “Space Freeing Up” for v9 Run on Server Backupsets (ref: T-34013)
  • OBC - Update macOS Offline Installer to .zip extension (ref: T-37116)
  • CBS, OBC - Update default Deduplication Block Size to 128KB-512KB for non-VM Backupset types (ref: T-36081)
  • CBS, OBC - Support for Restore Drill (ref: T-29093)
  • CBS, OBC - Enhanced Bandwidth control to limit the max traffic rate over the effective period (ref: T-36745)


  • CBS - Support for P7B format code sign of OBC Windows installers for multiple sub-admins (ref: T-26555)
  • OBC - Option to hide/show OBC SystemTray icon (ref: T-36618)

Operating Systems

  • CBS, OBM - Support for Ubuntu 22 (ref: T-37208)
  • CBS, OBM - Support for Ubuntu 23 (ref: T-37571)
  • CBS, OBM - Support for Debian 12 (ref: T-37577)


  • CBS, OBC - Restore Performance Tuning (ref: T-34267)
  • CBS, OBC - Enhanced Data Integrity Check to run on Separate Process (ref: T-33462)

Reporting / Email report

  • CBS - Add log information in system logs and server logs for policy group being removed or edited (ref: T-34006)
  • CBS, OBC - Enhanced logging for Shrink Block in Data Integrity Check & Periodic Data Integrity Check (ref: T-36710)


  • OBC - Support for enforced automatic time-out if the account is idle for “x” time (ref: T-30950)
  • CBS, OBC - Support for Immutable Backup (ref: T-30667)
  • CBS, OBC - Bundled Tomcat 8.5.87 (ref: T-36734)

User Experiences

  • CBS, OBC - Allow copy/paste in the 6-digit column blocks for 2FA (ref: T-33529)

Bug Fix

Backup Destination

  • CBS - Unable to add Predefined destination > Destination Pool (Ref: T-37331)
  • OBM - Backup gets “Failed to transfer file” in Backblaze destination (ref: T-36671)
  • OBM - Backup getting “Error closing message content input stream” in S3 compatible destination (ref: T-36716)

General / Miscellaneous

  • CBS - Large temporary file generated in %CBS_Install_Home%\system\obs\temp (ref: T-36499)
  • CBS - Web Console > Monitoring > Dashboard > To Dos keeps on loading (ref: T-37198)
  • CBS - CBS destination in Linux is lost when importing backup set settings from XML (ref: T-37524)
  • CBS - Console Page redirects to 'User Profile > Backup Clients Settings' when clicking “Go” button on Statistics Usage page (ref: T-37169)
  • OBM - Correct prompt message for Hyper-V module “No space in between the words “run” and “Microsoft”” (ref: T-37397)
  • OBC - Backup takes a very long time (~1-2 days) on deleting temporary files (ref: T-36288)
  • OBC - Gets error “org/sqlite/SQLiteException” error when launching application after CBS upgrade to Hotfix v9.5.4.63 (ref: T-37205)
  • OBC - Client language changes after selecting a backup set by typing on keyboard in Space Free Up Utility (ref: T-36258)
  • CBS, OBC - Recycle bin pop-up will appear again even after recycle bin has already been disabled (ref: T-36812)
  • CBS, OBM - Cannot change the deduplication block size value (ref: T-37478)


  • CBS - Building client installers get “String index out of range” error (ref: T-37289)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Hyper-V

  • OBM - Backup gets error “java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-36970)
  • OBM - Log message should throw error instead of hide for “Cannot list VM. Reason=Cannot list host” (ref: T-37165)
  • OBM - Restored VHD file cannot be mounted on Windows, booting the disk loads repair screen (ref: T-37285)
  • OBM - Restore job stuck and logs keep on showing “Heap size” and “Physical memory” messages (ref: T-36980)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365

  • CBS - Backup gets error “Error=Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. 400 Bad Request” for file history versions (ref: T-37120)
  • CBS - Backup not all selected users are backed up per license usage (ref: T-36384)
  • CBS - Backup gets error “Failed to resolve backup source shortcut paths. Error=[ExchangeOnlineManager.getGroupSiteUrl]” (ref: T-36397)
  • CBS - Backup gets index error on subindex files (ref: T-36614)
  • CBS - Backup gets error “Failed to retain backup file to retention” (ref: T-36711)
  • CBS - Data Integrity Check failed with error “[StackOverflowError] null (ref: T-36747)
  • CBS - Incorrect Backup Statistics (ref: T-36763)
  • CBS - Local Restore could not proceed with the file download (ref: T-36765)
  • CBS - Backup gets ”[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle same file, sPath=… Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation. 403 Forbidden“ (ref: T-36803)
  • CBS - Backup stuck at transferring backupInfo.db (ref: T-36833)
  • CBS - Group Sites Backup gets “Skip backup… as target site collection is not found” and no files are backed up. (ref: T-36892)
  • CBS - Backup gets error “ListItem is available but descriptor stream is null.” and “Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation. 403 Forbidden” (ref: T-36991)
  • CBS - Restore gets error “No restorer can associate” (ref: T-37121)
  • CBS - Restore gets error “No backup jobs are found” (ref: T-37127)
  • CBS - Backup gets warning “Error=Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. 400 Bad Request” (ref: T-37231)
  • CBS - Restore getting empty folders and takes a long time to load restore screen (ref: T-37246)
  • CBS - Restore performance issue in small data sets (ref: T-35155)
  • CBS - Backup gets error ”[z] Failed to migrate index. Reason = Not in GZIP format“ (ref: T-36529)
  • CBS - Restore gets error “cannot be cast to” (ref: T-37495)
  • OBM - Restore gets error “Reason = ”[ListRestoreTask.doRestore] Fail to deserialize List meta”“ (ref: T-37312)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “Fail to work on tblListItem, Reason=[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table: sqlite_sequence)” (ref: T-37140)
  • OBM - Restore report shows completed successful but no files restored (ref: T-37166)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “Fail to process %Site% … Reason=org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_TOOBIG] String or BLOB exceeds size limit (ref: T-37210)
  • OBM - Restore gets warning “Fail to create Document” during restore of Sharepoint to alternate site (ref: T-36407)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “Failed to get backupCmd 'Office 365/Public Folders'” (erf: T-37322)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “Err=org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_CANTOPEN] Unable to open the database file (unable to open database file)” (ref: T-36264)
  • OBM - Sharepoint Restore list is empty after upgrading from v8 (ref: T-36659)
  • OBM - Backup gets error ”[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle selected source, sPath=Office 365/Chats. Reason=null” (ref: T-36762)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle same file, sPath=… Reason='404 page not found” (ref: T-36764)
  • CBS, OBC - Backup gets error “[OnShallUpload_Watcher] Failed to handle same file…Failed to find start part” (ref: T-37038)
  • CBS, OBC - OneDrive Restore gets error “[StackOverflowError] null” (ref: T-37176)
  • CBS, OBC - Backup set asking for app password in v9.5.2.0 (ref: T-36348)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Windows System / System State

  • OBM - Windows System backup does not trigger WBADMIN (ref: T-36754)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMWare

  • OBM - Application crashed during Backup (ref: T-37286)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Others

  • OBM - MySQL Backup getting “unknown variable 'set-gtid-purged=OFF'” error (ref: T-36562)
  • OBM - MySQL Restore using getting “Not in GZIP format” error (ref: T-36694)

CloudFile & File Backup/Restore

  • CBS - CloudFile Backup cannot complete and gets stuck on the first backup (ref: T-36339)
  • OBM - Google Cloud Storage CloudFile Backup gets error “ Failed to access destination “GoogleCloudStorage-1”” (ref: T-36627)
  • OBM - File Restore gets error “Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud…Please run backup/DIC before this operation…” (ref: T-36638)
  • OBM - CDP Backup gets error “[SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_UNIQUE] A UNIQUE constraint failed” (ref: T-36816)
  • OBM - Unable to enable OpenDirect on Windows 10 22H2 OS (ref: T-36832)
  • OBM - File Restore missing snapshots older than 5/28/2023 (ref: T-37298)
  • OBM - Restoring to another machine is getting an error “Data of file %path% is corrupted” (ref: T-37515)


  • OBM - Backup gets error “Failed to check integrity of destination ”“ Error: unsupported method” (ref: T-36574, T-36571)
  • OBM - v9.5.4.0 PDIC moved data to recycle bin even though recycle bin is disabled (ref: T-36713)
  • OBM - Data Integrity Check and Backup getting “javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: pad block corrupted” error (ref: T-36793)
  • OBM - Backup getting error “Failed to migrate v6 index. Reason = [MigrateV6Index.downloadV6Index] Failed to download v6 index after retried 10 times” (ref: T-36792)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “NotInGZipFormat” (ref: T-36969)
  • OBC - Failed to complete Data Integrity Check with Rebuild Index option enabled (ref: T-37125)
  • OBC - Data Integrity Check do not delete corrupted blocks in cloud storage destination (ref: T-36563)

Administrative Management

  • CBS - Backup user login able to view other backup user profiles when CBS was logged in as admin (ref: T-37323)
  • CBS - Deduplication setting for ACB user got disabled (ref: T-36590)
  • CBS - CBS getting Manager is not initialized error when updating Contact in Backup User Profile (ref: T-36657)
  • CBS - Cannot download Default Branded client installers after upgrading to v9.5.4.0, gets error “The installer / restorer is not available. Please contact the System Administrator to obtain the latest version” (ref: T-36681)
  • CBS - Import Backup user failed without error reason in prompt (ref: T-36872)
  • CBS - CBS showing Windows backup set settings on Linux backup set to backup user (ref: T-37097)
  • CBS - IP Allowed for restore is not working when configured in CBS > Policy Group settings > Preempted Values (ref: T-37128)
  • CBS - Incorrect prompt message shown when deleting Backup user contact (ref: T-37113)

Synology / QNAP OBM

  • OBM - QNAP cannot login with 2FA enabled, gets error “General Error” (ref: T-36490)
  • OBM - Synology prompt an orange screen when opening the application (ref: T-36723)
  • OBM - Synology unable to create backup set with Predefined Backblaze as destination (ref: T-37430)


  • CBS - Q3/2023 Security Patch Set (ref: T-36586, T-36721, T-37233)

Product Abbreviation:

  • AhsayACB - ACB
  • AhsayOBM - OBM
  • AhsayCBS - CBS
  • AhsayACB & AhsayOBM - OBC
  • AhsayMobile - MOB
  • (AhsayMobile) Mobile Backup Server - MBS
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