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v9.5.4.0 Release Notes (20-Mar-2023)

You are recommended to upgrade to this version if the enhancements or the bug fixes listed below are beneficial to you. Otherwise, you may stay with your current version. All users are recommended to first test running this release on a testing server before actually upgrading the production servers.

Limitation / Known Issue of This Version

Deployment / Upgrade

  • For multi-domain SSL certificates added to CBS before v7.17.0.30, users are required to re-add the SSL certificates to CBS v7.17.0.30 or above, before the certificates can be used on sub-admins accounts.


  • Besides the availability of re-branding option, the license key must have valid maintenance in order to build any v9 branded AhsayCBS/OBM/ACB installer.

This release contains the major features listed below:


AhsayCBS / AhsayOBM / AhsayACB / AhsayMobile

Backup Destination

  • CBS - Google Drive OAuth 2.0 Support (ref: T-35593)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MSSQL

  • OBM - Support of Microsoft SQL Server 2022 (ref: T-36041)

Synology / QNAP OBM

  • OBM - Support of Synology DSM 7.1 (ref: T-35696)

Administrative Management

  • CBS - Support configuring Shared quota and Individual quota for Destination at same time (ref: T-35719)

Operating systems

  • OBC - Support of macOS Ventura (macOS 13) (ref: T-34644)

Bug Fix

Backup Destination

  • OBC - Backup/Restore to SFTP destination stuck at downloading index file (ref: T-36180)

General / Miscellaneous

  • CBS - CBS Server gets Internal License Error 1013 (ref: T-36022)
  • CBS - Discrepancy between monthly retention value in CBS console and OBM client (ref: T-36223)
  • OBM - OBM Data Integrity Check gets “[CloudException.InterruptedExpt] No exception messages defined” error (ref: T-36148)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-36154)
  • OBM - Scheduled backup doesn't start correctly (ref: T-36271)
  • OBM - Windows 10 Pro 22H2 is not supported in OpenDirect backupset creation (ref: T-36255)
  • CBS, OBC - Backup jobs are incorrectly marked as deleted in UI for Advanced Retention Policy (ref: T-36232)


  • CBS - Branded/Customized OBC installer uses incorrect system name (ref: T-36117)
  • CBS - Failed to Rebuild Installer when Default certificate is used in Digital Signature (ref: T-36349)
  • CBS - OBC online installer gets “Download failed: HTTP Error 400” error (ref: T-36426)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Hyper-V

  • OBM - Cluster Backup gets HTTP 409 error occasionally, error not shown in backup report (ref: T-36165)
  • OBM - Cluster Backup gets error “Failed to list path… Error stacktrace: 409 NoErrorCode” (ref: T-36272)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - MSSQL

  • OBM - Backup gets “Failed to remove file=”%File_Path%“.. [SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed) (ref: T-36106)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Microsoft365

  • CBS - Redirect to CBS Login page when opening M365 Backupset (ref: T-36261)
  • CBS - Local restore stuck in “Downloading” status (ref: T-36299)
  • CBS - Successful Restore with no files being restored (ref: T-36294)
  • CBS - Backup gets error “Failed to check integrity of destination … Error='[CreateFileW] (3) The system cannot find the path specified” (ref: T-36295)
  • CBS - Backup gets “ListAllUsersStatus=ALLOW but fail to list users.” error, not all selected users are backed up per license usage (ref: T-36338)
  • OBM - Restore failed with error “Fail to restore '%File_Path%'. Error=java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-36329)
  • OBM - Backup gets error “Fail to process %Site% … Reason=org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_TOOBIG] String or BLOB exceeds size limit (ref: T-36159)
  • OBM - Index files malformed even after reverting to healthy backup job (ref: T-36224)
  • OBM - Backup failed with error “Fail to process '%File_Path%'. Reason=java.lang.NullPointerException” (ref: T-36249)
  • CBS - Not all selected users are backed up per license usage (ref: T-36384)
  • CBS, OBC - Backup gets error “Failed to migrate Microsoft 365 Exchange Online index, Reason = ”[z] Failed to migrate index.” (ref: T-36353)
  • CBS, OBC - Backup gets error “Failed to migrate Microsoft 365 Exchange Online index, Reason = ”[A] Failed to migrate index” (ref: T-36435)
  • CBS, OBC - Backup gets error “Failed to resolve backup source shortcut paths. Error=ListAllUsersStatus=ALLOW but fail to list users” (ref: T-36101)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Windows System / System State

  • OBM - Large data size in recycle bin is observed on Windows System backup sets (ref: T-36430)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - VMWare

  • OBM - Granular Restore classified some of the eml files as folder; Restore failure due to “The directory name is invalid” error (ref: T-35950)
  • OBM - OBM crashed with Problematic frame: C [KERNELBASE.dll+0x26ea8] (ref: T-36312)
  • OBM - Backup getting Error=“ Fail to connect VM disk by VDDK library. Error=Unknown error Host = %Host_Address% (ref: T-36311)
  • OBM - Restore gets error “The system cannot find the file specified” (ref: T-36345)

Application Specific Backup/Restore - Others

  • OBM - MySQL Backup getting an error “A partial dump from a server that has GTIDs…” (ref: T-36324)
  • OBM - MariaDB Backup getting an error “unknown variable 'set-gtid-purged=OFF'” (ref: T-36422)
  • OBM - MySQL Backup getting “unknown variable 'set-gtid-purged=OFF'” error (ref: T-36431)

CloudFile & File Backup/Restore

  • CBS - CloudFile Backup cannot complete and gets stuck on the first backup (ref: T-36339)
  • OBM - File Backup getting [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such column: fileChunkMap.chunk_id) (ref: T-36238)
  • OBM - File Backup gets “Not in GZIP format” error for v8 index (ref: T-36243)
  • OBM - PDIC deletes data block from recent backups due to “not exist in index” (ref: T-36289)
  • OBM - File Backup getting an error “Failed to run space freeing up of destination.. Shrink count can only be acquired by chunk in IFDv3 data”” (ref: T-36310)
  • OBM - File Backup gets stuck on the first backup and get an error on subsequent backup (ref: T-36344)
  • OBC - Backup could not be completed when backing up to Wasabi (ref: T-36340)

Operating Systems

  • OBC - Cannot Launch App on macOS, getting an error “please grant full disk access” even permission are granted (ref: T-36352)

Administrative Management

  • CBS - Cannot suspend System accounts on CBS web console (ref: T-36404)
  • CBS - Bandwidth control not reflected in the backup process after upgrade (ref: T-36084)
  • CBS - When access to System User Profile in CBS Administrator Access, redirect to “Add new system user” (ref: T-36145)
  • CBS - SMTP Server creation shows different UI when using Italian Language (ref: T-36172)
  • CBS - Missing ”+“ button in IP Allowed for Restore and the default IP Range cannot be modify (ref: T-36201)
  • CBS - Submit ticket option visible in sub admin GUI but doesn't load any page (ref: T-36326)

Storage Quota / Statistic

  • CBS - Recycle bin statistic could not be updated by Data Integrity Check (ref: T-36441)


  • CBS - Replication gets Error=[CachedCloudService.getFileAttribute] Failed to get FileAttribute: %File_Path% from cache (ref: T-36244)
  • CBS - Run on Server Backup job file missing in replication (ref: T-35281)

Synology / QNAP OBM

  • OBM - When launching OBM, gets error “It appears that the …… website may have problems or has been permanently moved to a new web address” (ref: T-36100)
  • OBM - Login on QNAP stuck at “CONNECT_TO_MSG” (ref: T-36183)
  • OBM - When launching OBM, stuck on splash screen (ref: T-36287)
  • OBM - App freezes after relaunching in new tab; expanding source folder does not show subdirectories (ref: T-36366)

System maintenance

  • CBS - CBS server has stopped working for five minutes (ref: T-36370)
  • CBS - CBS get an error Status Code : 500 [CbsDB.addBrandingSettings] Unexpected SQLException after upgrade to v9.5.2.0 (ref: T-36460)

Product Abbreviation:

  • AhsayACB - ACB
  • AhsayOBM - OBM
  • AhsayCBS - CBS
  • AhsayACB & AhsayOBM - OBC
  • AhsayMobile - MOB
  • (AhsayMobile) Mobile Backup Server - MBS
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