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ISSUE: ‘curl: not found File does not exist’ error when installing AhsayOBM v7 on Linux or FreeBSD using CLI

Article ID Reviewed AhsayOBM/AhsayACB Operating System
5230 23/01/2017 or above Linux/Unix

Problem Description:

When performing an AhsayOBM installation on Linux or FreeBSD on CLI using the script installer following error is shown:

# sh
Log Time: Fri Jan 20 19:38:56 HKT 2017
Downloading package app-common.tar.gz... curl: not found
File does not exist
Failed to download component files.
Error in downloading files, installer will terminate


The ‘curl’ software package is not installed on the Linux/FreeBSD machine. As the AhsayOBM v7 installation script on Linux/FreeBSD requires the ‘curl’ package to download the software components from the AhsayCBS server.

Note: Other dependencies include 'tar' package and 'rpm' package (for AhsayOBM rpm installation)


Install the ‘curl’ package on the Linux/FreeBSD machine and run the AhsayOBM installation script again.



Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, CLI, AhsayOBM, curl, tar, rpm, install, CLI, script, not found, terminate

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