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ISSUE: "Cannot connect SSH, please check the SSH settings" error when creating a backup set on a VMware ESXi host

Article ID Reviewed AhsayOBM/AhsayACB Operating System
5234 15/03/2017 or above Windows/Linux/Mac

Problem Description:

When creating a backup set on a VMware ESXi host the following error is shown by AhsayOBM “Cannot connect SSH, please check the SSH settings”.


The SSH setting is disabled on the VMware ESXi host.

To perform a backup of guests virtual machines on a VMware host, AhsayOBM needs to login to the VMware host on ssh using the root account via port 22 (default).


To resolve this issue:

1. Enable SSH on the VMware using the following instructions

2. After enabling SSH verify the setup is correct by using telnet from the AhsayOBM machine, i.e. telnet {VMware_host} 22

Example: The following information will be displayed by a VMware ESXi v5.5 host if SSH is enabled in response to a telnet.




VMware, ESXi, enable ssh, port 22

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