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ISSUE: Cannot configure timezone setting with GMT+/-xx:30 or GMT+13:00 using the API

Article ID: 5184
Reviewed: 17/08/2016

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: -
OS: All platforms

Problem Description

When creating a backup account with the following timezone settings, using the JSON API:

GMT-04:30 (VET)
GMT-03:30 (NST)
GMT+03:30 (IRST)
GMT+05:30 (LKT)
GMT+13:00 (TKT)

API call:

JSON Post:

"Timezone":"GMT-04:30 (VET)"

JSON Return:
"Status": "OK"

The timezone setting is incorrectly set to "GMT+13:00 (WST)":


This is a known issue with AhsayCBS version -


To resolve the issue, patch the AhsayCBS application to version or above. The instructions can be found by Clicking Here.

Keywords, adduser, create, add, creating, account, time, timezone, time-zone, zone

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