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ISSUE: aboutBG image trimmed in the Setup Wizard for client installers build in the AhsayCBS console

Article ID: 5128
Reviewed: 28/01/2016

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: or
OS: All platforms

Problem Description

For branded AhsayOBM / ACB installer built via the AhsayCBS console, the aboutBG.bmp image displayed in the Setup Wizard is trimmed:

In the above example, the original aboutBG.bmp file is on the left hand side, it is cutoff in the Setup Wizard as shown.


This is a known issue with AhsayCBS version -

The recommended size for "aboutBG.bmp" is actually 164 x 314 pixels, not 300 x 500 pixels. Also, the recommended size for "small.bmp" is 55 x 58 pixels, not 56 x 56 pixels.


To resolve the issue, patch the AhsayCBS server to version or above, to have the recommended size displayed correctly in the AhsayCBS console, and the correct default images. The instructions can be found by Clicking Here.


image, cutoff, cut, off, trim, trimmed, removed

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