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OpenDirect for File Backup Set

OpenDirect restore is an additional restore options for restoring files from a Windows File backup set in AhsayOBM and AhsayACB client backup software. The OpenDirect restore method makes use of the granular restore technology to make selective restore of individual files from a large compressed or image file, for example zip, RAR, ISO files, without the need to restore the compressed or image file first, to give you a fast and convenient file restore solution.

During the OpenDirect restore process, the file(s)/folders can be viewed and/or copied from the Windows File Explorer on the Windows machine you are performing the restore. OpenDirect restore is only supported on File backup sets created and backed up using AhsayOBM on Windows platform with OpenDirect restore feature enabled.

OpenDirect restore requires an additional OpenDirect / Granular Restore add-on module license to work. Contact your backup service provider for further details.


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