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-====== Ahsay Upgrade Advisory (#26812) – Critical Issue with AhsayOBM v8 Microsoft Hyper-V backup ====== 
-We have recently confirmed a critical issue related to virtual machine backups: 
-  * On Hyper-V 2008 R2/​2012/​2012 R2, due to a bug with the CBT (Change Block Tracking) filter. ​ 
-  * On Hyper-V 2016, due to bug in the handling of RCT (Resilient Change Tracking) data.  
-Because of these issues, the change tracking data is no longer reliable for incremental backups. All Hyper-V virtual machines backups taken using AhsayOBM v8.3.2.11 are no longer restorable. 
-===== What are the affected AhsayOBM versions? ===== 
-  * AhsayOBM v8.3.2.11 to v8.3.2.139 
-===== What are the affected Hyper-V versions? ===== 
-  * Hyper-V 2008 R2 
-  * Hyper-V 2012 and 2012 R2 
-  * Hyper-V 2016 
-===== What action do I need to take to fix this problem? =====  
-Partners are strongly advised to immediately: ​ 
-  - Upgrade all affected clients to **AhsayOBM v8.3.6.30 or above**. ​ 
-  - After upgrading to **AhsayOBM v8.3.6.30 or above**, if in-file delta is enabled on the backup set. The first backup job run a mandatory differential backup job. 
-If your current version is not AhsayCBS v8.3.6.30 or above, then upgrade your AhsayCBS to the latest version first. Please refer to these KB article for upgrade instructions:​ 
-  * [[public:​8009_faq:​how_to_install_the_latest_patch_set_for_ahsaycbs|Windows/​Linux/​FreeBSD]] 
-  * [[public:​8026_faq:​how_to_install_the_latest_patch_set_for_ahsayubs|AhsayUBS]] 
-===== What if my maintenance has already expired? How do I upgrade? =====  
-**Stop! Do not upgrade** until you contact a member our Sales team [[mailto:​|]] for assistance with your maintenance renewal. 
-===== What if I require assistance with my AhsayCBS server upgrade? =====  
-Our professional service team is ready to provide immediate assistance to partners with AhsayCBS v8 upgrades. 
-Please contact a member our Sales team [[mailto:​|]] to obtain a quotation for the AhsayCBS upgrade service.