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Product Discontinuation Notice - AhsayMOB - 19th February 2021

This notice serves as a formal announcement that our mobile backup app AhsayMOB, introduced with AhsayCBS v7.7 has been discontinued by Ahsay effective immediately, due to the recent release of Ahsay Mobile for Android/iOS with AhsayCBS v8.5.0.63.

  • AhsayMOB Android and iOS installers will no longer be available on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Partners currently using AhsayMOB are welcome to continue to use it, however Ahsay will no longer offer technical support.
  • Is totally free to use (with unlimited mobile license quota).
  • Is fully brandable.
  • Supports 31 different languages.
  • Supports the latest mobile operating systems:
    1. Android v8.0 or above
    2. iOS v12.0 or above
  • Supports backup and restore of photos and videos.
  • Supports advance features:
    1. Automated backup
    2. Backup while charging
    3. Power saving mode
  • Ahsay Mobile doubles as a security device providing two-factor authentication (2FA) for AhsayOBM, AhsayACB, and AhsayCBS sign in using:
    1. Push notification
    2. Time based one time password (TOTP)

For further details on Ahsay Mobile, please refer to our AhsayCBS v8.5 New Features Datasheet

If you have any questions about setting up Ahsay Mobile, you may submit your questions to our Support team via Ahsay Partner Portal (

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