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[V8] FAQ: How to install the latest patch set for AhsayUBS?

Article ID: 8026
Reviewed: 2022-05-24

Product Version:
AhsayUBS: 8.1 to 8.x


How to install the latest version (patch set) for AhsayUBS?

As of 2022-May-24, the current Version 8 public release is v8.7.0.0


This document contains the information of how to install the latest patch set for AhsayUBS. Upgrading AhsayUBS will also upgrade its integrated AhsayCBS version.

Table of Contents:


  • Although the branding, SSL cert, and other configuration settings of your existing AhsayCBS server will be carried over after the upgrade. The AhsayOBM / ACB client installers will need to be rebuilt before they are updated to the latest release version.   Therefore, it is recommended that the auto upgrade (AUA) feature is disabled for all backup users before starting the AhsayCBS upgrade process.  Please refer to Chapter 10 of our AhsayCBS Administrator's Guide for more details on branding.

  • When upgrading from an older release, for example AhsayUBS version (aka v6.27.0.0), before proceeding with the upgrade, please read through Ahsay Backup Software Upgrade Guide.

How to install the latest stable patch release for AhsayUBS:

  1. Download the following patch / hotfix file:

  2. Follow the installation / upgrade instructions in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of the AhsayUBS Administrator's Guide to patch the AhsayUBS server.

How to auto update all AhsayOBM / ACB client agents:

  1. Prepare the live update files:

    • [ For branded installation ]
      • Login to the AhsayCBS console
      • Under [System Settings], select [Basic] > [Administrative Access] > [${system_account}]
      • Customize the branding information under [Rebrand Clients]
      • Click [OK], then [Save]
      • Press the [Build Branded Client] button to rebuild the client installation file and live update files

    • [ For default installation ]
      • The live update files are ready after the AhsayCBS upgrade

  2. Enable the Auto Update feature on the AhsayCBS server.  Refer to the chapter on how to enable AUA in the AhsayCBS Administrator's Guide for more information.


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