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ISSUE: Enumeration of the files failed (MS Windows System State backup)

Article ID: 5313
Reviewed: 02/03/2018

Product Version:
AhsayOBM: or above
OS: Windows

Problem Description

When performing a MS Windows System State backup, the following error message is displayed on the backup client interface, or in the backup report:

No. Type Timestamp Log
* ... ... ...
* info ... [System State Backup] "Enumeration of the files failed."
* info ... [System State Backup] "The parameter is incorrect."
* erro YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss [ ... ] "[Error]"
* ... ... ...

* info ... [System State Backup] "Enumeration of the files failed."
* info ... [System State Backup] "The process cannot access the file because it is
being used by another process."

* info ... [System State Backup] "Enumeration of the files failed."
* info ... [System State Backup] "The file name, directory name, or volume label
syntax is incorrect."


The error message suggests that Windows fails to write a system state file to the temporary location of the system backup.

Several causes can be attributed to this error, usually these causes have a direct correlation to the ImagePath in the registry for services that are installed:

  • An invalid path.
  • Invalid characters in the path.
  • Syntax formatting of the path.
  • A valid path on SAN drives of a Failover Cluster.
Note: This is an issue at the operating system level.


To resolve the issue, refer to the steps provided in the following Microsoft KB article:

If the issue persist after performing the steps suggested in the Microsoft KB article, further assistance should be pursued with Microsoft support.


vss, system, state, ad, enumeration, systemstate

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