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ISSUE: The specified backup storage location has the shadow copy storage on another volume (0x80780038) (MS Windows System backup)

Article ID: 5312
Reviewed: 02/03/2018

Product Version:
AhsayACB / AhsayOBM: or above
OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Problem Description

When performing a MS Windows System backup, the following error message is displayed on the backup client interface, or in the backup report:

No. Type Timestamp Log
* ... ... ...
* info ... [MS Windows System Backup] "The operation ended before completion."
* info ... [MS Windows System Backup] "The specified backup storage location has the shadow copy
storage on another volume. (0x80780038)"
* erro YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss [ ... ] "[Error]"
* ... ... ...


The error message suggests that Windows fails to write a system image file to the temporary location of the system backup.


To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:

  • First, close all other applications that might be using the target volume (temporary location of the system backup) at the time of the backup.

  • Next, use the System File Checker (SFC) tool to repair missing or corrupted system files.

    Refer to the following Microsoft support article for instruction:

  • Finally, configure System Protection for the temporary volume of the system backup.

    1. In File Explorer, right-click on This PC and click on Properties.

    2. Select System protection, under Protection Settings, select the target volume (temporary location of the system backup) and click on Configure...

    3. Under Restore Settings, select Turn on the system protection.

    4. Under Disk Space Usage, set the Max Usage slider to a value lower than what it is already set at.

    5. Next, click on Delete to remove all restore points for the drive.

    6. Click on Apply and then OK afterward.


vss, system, state, ad, image, 0x80780038, bare, metal, bare-metal, baremetal

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