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ISSUE: “Hostname cannot be empty” error is shown when starting VMware ESXi/vCenter Run Direct restore from AhsayCBS user web console

Article ID: 5257
Reviewed: 20/07/2017

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: or above

Problem Description

When starting a VMware ESXi/vCenter guest VM Run Direct restore from AhsayCBS web console the following error message is shown "Hostname cannot be empty".


This due to a configuration issue on the AhsayCBS server, the "Host Name" of the AhsayCBS server has been left empty.

The "Host Name" value is required by the NFS service during a AhsayCBS Run Direct restore so that the VMWare ESXi/vCenter host is able to resolve and mount the user home drive on AhsayCBS as network drive.


To resolve this problem

  1. Login to AhsayCBS web management console using the system or administrator account.
  2. Go to [System Settings]>[General]>[Host]>[Host Name] and enter the host name or IP address of your AhsayCBS server.

  3. Click on Save to confirm.


VMware ESXi, vCenter, Run Direct, Agentless, AhsayCBS, hostname, Host Name, guest, VM

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