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ISSUE: AhsayCBS web console [Replication] > [Accepting Data] page shows "Error Status 500" and no backup reports are generated

Article ID: 5225
Reviewed: 12/12/2016

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: or above
OS: All platforms

Problem Description

When attempting to access the [Replication] > [Accepting Data] menu on the AhsayCBS web console, the following error is displayed:

Status Code : 500

Servlet Name : action

Request URI: /cbs/rps/config/

Exception Message : javax.servlet.ServletException: [Index.execute] Failed to execute servlet


This issue can occur if the replication config file is not found / corrupted in the AhsayCBS installation conf folder:



To resolve this issue:

  1. Stop the AhsayCBS Service.

  2. Copy the rps.xml file from a backup to %CBS_Installation_Home%/conf

    If you do not have a backup copy of the rps.xml file, you can temporarily install AhsayCBS (of the same version as your current AhsayCBS server) on another computer, and retrieve the rps.xml file from there.

  3. Restart the AhsayCBS Service.
Once the AhsayCBS service is restarted a new rps-recv.json and rpsRecv.xml file(s) will be automatically re-created if they are not present.


status, code, backup report, servlet, Name, rps.xml, replication, accepting, data

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