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Microsoft Exchange Server Database Backup Set

AhsayOBM comes with the MS Exchange Server Backup module for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server's full database.

Best Practices and Recommendations

Please ensure that the following requirements are met by the Microsoft Exchange Server:

  1. The latest version of AhsayOBM is installed on the Exchange server / DAG member services. For Exchange Server 2010/2013/2016, Database Availability Group (DAG) backup option is available, please refer to Backing up Microsoft Exchange Server in Database Availability Group (DAG) for details.

  2. Ensure that all MS Exchange related services have been started, particularly the MS Exchange Information Store Service.

    To verify this setting, launch Services in Windows by clicking Start then typing “Services” in the search box. All Exchange related services should be started by default, in case if it is not, turn it on by right clicking the item then selecting Start.

  3. AhsayOBM must be installed on the Exchange server with mailbox role.

  4. Make sure the Exchange Server has been updated to the latest roll-up patch of that specific service pack.

  5. Make sure that circular logging is disabled for all Information Store(s) or Public Folder selected for backup.

  6. Make sure that the Microsoft Exchange Server add-on module has been enabled for your AhsayOBM user account. Contact your backup service provider for more details.

  7. The Exchange Server 2010/2013/2016 database files are no longer stored in the temporary directory during backup. However, the VSS-based Exchange backup will still require certain amount of disk space to operate. Microsoft suggested that certain shadow copy mechanism may require free space around 100% of the original database. Refer to the following URL for more information.

  8. Temporary Directory folder is used by AhsayOBM for storing backup set index files and any incremental or differential delta files generated during a backup job. To ensure optimal backup/restore performance, it is recommended that the folder is located on a local drive with plenty of free disk space.

  9. Ensure that the Microsoft Exchange Writer is installed and running on the Exchange Server, and the writer state is Stable. This can be verified by running the vssadmin list writers command.



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