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 ====== Encryption ====== ====== Encryption ======
-Below are the FAQs / Issues related ​to the Encryption feature.+AhsayOBM and AhsayACB client backup agents come with the Encryption feature ​to securely protect users' backup data. 
 +===== Configuration ===== 
 +When the Encryption feature ​is enabled during the creation of a new backup set, you can choose from one of the following three Encryption Type options: 
 +==== Default ==== 
 +An encryption key with 44 alpha numeric characters will be randomly generated by the system  
 +==== User password ==== 
 +The encryption key will be the same as the login password of your AhsayOBM at the time when this backup set is created. Please be reminded that if you change the AhsayOBM login password later, the encryption keys of the backup sets previously created with this encryption type will remain unchanged.  
 +==== Custom ==== 
 +You can customize your encryption key, where you can set your own algorithm, encryption key, method and key length.  
 +===== Save Encryption Key ===== 
 +After setting up the Encryption type, the following pop-up window will show, no matter which encryption type you have selected. 
 +==== Unmask encryption key ==== 
 +The encryption key is masked by default. Click this option to show the encryption key.  
 +==== Copy to clipboard ==== 
 +Click to copy the encryption key, then you can paste it in another application (e.g. Notepad in Windows, Evernote, etc.) for saving it elsewhere.  
 ===== FAQs ===== ===== FAQs =====
 +  * [[public:​8015_faq:​best_practices_for_managing_encryption_key|Best practices for managing encryption key on AhsayOBM or AhsayACB]]
 ===== Issues ===== ===== Issues =====
 +  * [[public:​5091_issue:​encryption_setting_default_to_custom_in_new_backup_set_wizard_for_ahsayobm_ahsayacb_version_6_connected_to_ahsaycbs_version_7|Encryption setting default to Custom in New Backup Set Wizard for AhsayOBM / AhsayACB version 6 connected to AhsayCBS version 7]]
 +  * [[public:​5183_issue:​cannot_access_backup_set_in_ahsayobm_for_backup_set_created_using_the_addbackupset.do_api_with_default_encryption_setting|Cannot access backup set in AhsayOBM for backup set created using the API (with DEFAULT encryption setting)]]
 +  * [[public:​5141_issue:​custom_default_encryption_settings_are_not_displayed_when_creating_backup_set_via_the_ahsaycbs_console|Custom default encryption settings are not displayed when creating backup set via the AhsayCBS console]]
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