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 ====== Ahsay Redirection Module ====== ====== Ahsay Redirection Module ======
-Below are the FAQs / Issues related to using Ahsay Redirection Module. 
-===== Issues ===== 
-  * [[public:​5129_issue:​rdr_license_error_displayed_and_alert_emails_are_sent_for_ahsaycbs_setup_that_does_not_use_the_redirector_module|RDR License Error displayed and alert emails are sent for AhsayCBS setup that does not use the Redirector module]] 
-  * [[public:​5224_issue:​ahsaycbs_web_console_monitoring_redirection_logs_activities_log_page_shows_error_status_500_and_no_backup_reports_are_generated|ISSUE:​ AhsayCBS web console [Monitoring]>​[Redirection Logs]>​[Activities Log] page shows “Error Status 500” and no backup reports are generated]] 
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