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  <​br/>​  <​br/>​
  <​b>​  <​b>​
-  Reviewed:</​b> ​11/06/2019+  Reviewed:</​b> ​20/03/2020
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 <​html>​ <​html>​
-This article outlines the process on how to perform the initial backup to a removable hard drive, then import ​the data onto AhsayCBS, bypassing the Internet.+This article outlines the process on how to perform the initial backup to a removable hard drive on the customer site. Then transport the removable hard drive to the data center and copy the data directly ​onto AhsayCBS ​backup server, bypassing the Internet. ​ 
 +This procedure is highly recommended when the data size is very large and or the internet connection is slow. 
 +Although this procedure is described for AhsayCBS backup server it can also be applied to other backup destinations like FTP, SFTP, and Cloud Storage destinations.  
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  <​br/>​  <​br/>​
- Note: This process is called "Seed Load" in version 6.+ <b>Note:</​b> ​This process is called "Seed Load" in version 6.
 </​html>​ </​html>​
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   ​   ​
   <​li><​font color=black>​   <​li><​font color=black>​
-  ​Enable "​Rebuild index",​ then click "​Start":​+  ​Then click "​Start":​
   <​br><​br>​   <​br><​br>​
-  <img style="​width:​75%;​ border:thin solid black" src="​http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=public:​DIC_seedload.png"/>​ +  <img style="​width:​75%;​ border:thin solid black" src="​http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=public:​8052_faq:​OBMv83211-DIC2.png"/>​ 
 +   ​
 </​font></​li>​ </​font></​li>​
  </​ul>​  </​ul>​
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