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FAQ: How to modify the Java heap size of AhsayCBS?

Article ID : 8003
Reviewed : 15/01/2019

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: 8.1 or above
OS: All platforms


This article outlines the steps required to modify the Java heap size of AhsayCBS.


To modify the Java heap size of AhsayCBS:

  1. Login to the Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite web management console.

  2. Select System Settings, Advanced, then Runtime Options.

  3. Enter the new heap size setting in the Heap Size text box, then press Save.

  4. Restart the AhsayOBS service afterward.

Single backup sets rebuild and other system routine processes (e.g. retention policy job, CRC ... etc.) are now performed by the client application.


java, heap, memory, RAM, size

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