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ISSUE: "Access is denied" error when restoring files/folders using Granular Restore

Article ID: 5260
Reviewed: 27/07/2017

Product Version:
AhsayOBM / AhsayOBR: or above
OS: Windows


When performing a granular restore of selected files/folders from Hyper-V or VMware ESXi/vCenter guest VM. The following error message is shown in the AhsayOBM restore log when trying restore files from the mounted virtual disk "Access is denied" .

No. Type Timestamp Log
* ... ... ...
* info ... ...
* erro YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss Cannot copy "Windows10.vmdk (Volume-1)\Photos\group_photo_01.jpg", Reason = "\\.\vstor2-mntapi20......\Photos\group_photo_01.jpg (Access is denied)
* ... ... ...

Also, when trying to copy the files directly from the mapped virtual disk using Windows File Explorer, a "File Access Denied" error is returned by Windows.


The selected files/folders on the mounted virtual disk are encrypted. For example, if the "Encrypt contents to secure data" option is select in Advanced Attributes.


To resolve this problem we recommend you either:

  1. Use RunDirect to power on the guest VM, and login using the authorized credentials to access the files/folders on the drive.
  2. Restore the guest VM to VMware or Hyper-V host and power on the guest, and login using the authorized credentials to access the files/folders on the drive.


Hyper-V, guest VM, granular restore, encrypted VMware, Advanced Attributes

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