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FAQ: How to recover my users.xml file from a previous backup on AhsayCBS v7.9.0.0 or above?

Article ID: 5198
Reviewed: 03/10/2016

Product Version:
AhsayCBS: or above
OS: All platforms


How can I recover a previous version of my users.xml file from a backup:

  • If the current copy of my AhsayCBS users.xml file is corrupted?
  • If I accidentally deleted a backup user account from my AhsayCBS server?
  • If some of my backup user accounts are missing?
A copy of the AhsayCBS user profile, users.xml file is compressed and backed locally to %CBS_INSTALL%/conf/Backup folder automatically at 6:00 AM daily ( format: ). The contains a backup of all files in the following folders:

  1. %CBS_INSTALL%/conf/
  2. %CBS_INSTALL%/system/obs/policies


To recover the users.xml file, you need to extract the users.xml from a previous backup and copy it back to your %CBS_INSTALL%/conf folder.

  • For AhsayCBS installation on Windows platform, you can use the 7-Zip utility to extract the users.xml from the backup file

  • For AhsayCBS installation on Linux / Unix platform, you can use the gunzip utility to extract the users.xml from the backup file

  1. Stop your AhsayCBS service.
  2. Go to the %CBS_INSTALL%/conf/Backup folder and extract the users.xml file from the backup file .
  3. Copy the users.xml file back to the %CBS_INSTALL%/conf folder.
  4. Start your AhsayCBS service.
  5. Login to AhsayCBS web management console using system account.
  6. Got to [Backup / Restore]>[Users, Groups, & Policies]>[Backup User] to list your backup user accounts.


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