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FAQ: Ahsay Software Compatibility List (SCL) for version 7.3 or above

This article only applies to Ahsay software version 7

Article ID: 5001
Reviewed: 08/05/2019

Product Version:
Ahsay Software: or above


This document lists the available operating systems, platforms, and applications specifically tested to be compatible with Ahsay software.

Important Note:
Due to insufficient demand in Oracle Database, IBM Lotus Domino / Notes and StorageCraft ShadowProtect modules, starting from version 8, support for these modules will be discontinued.  Ahsay will not put any further development and QA efforts in enhancing these modules.  However, to allow existing users to keep using them after upgrading to version 8, these modules will still be available in AhsayOBM's backup set type option list.  Ahsay support team will continue to provide best effort support for these modules until further notice.

Operating Systems

Below are the Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, iOS, Android) that are compatible with AhsayCBS / AhsayCBS Replication Module / AhsayCBS Redirection Module / AhsayPRD / AhsayOBM / AhsayACB / AhsayOBR / AhsayMOB.

Virtualization Platforms, Applications and Databases

Below are the Virtualization Platforms, Applications and Databases, including VMware / Hyper-V / Microsoft Exchange Server / Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL Database / Oracle Database / Lotus Domino and Notes, that can be backed up with AhsayOBM.

Cloud Storage Service

Below are the Cloud Storage Services that are compatible with AhsayCBS / AhsayOBM / AhsayACB.

Cloud Storage Region

Below are the Cloud Storage Regions of the cloud storage services that are compatible with AhsayCBS / AhsayOBM / AhsayACB.

Planned Support List

Below are the Operating Systems, Virtualization Platforms, Applications and Databases that are planned for support in Ahsay's future release.


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